Fed up looking for long-term stable yet effortless job? Why not  try 1ASAPPP Movement, an legitimate advocacy-arm of Dok Alternatibo Corporation spearheaded by Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo who earned different awards in the field of Alternative Medicine?  For in this new generation rises a one trusted company which brings revolutionary change not only on physical aspect considering that ailments couldn’t easily be  recovered without emotional and psychological transformation.


This is a  cry being trumpeted throughout the country and is calling more and more people to adhere this campaign. Along with this is a promising opportunities to be given for the loyalists and advocates.


What are the opportunities and benefits of being a 1ASAPPP (Isang adbokasiya sa Alternatibong Panggagamot, Pagsasaka at Pangkabuhayan) Movement or Social Enterprise Program Member?


To become a member, you must pay the registration or entry kit amounted to Php 1,200 (freebies of Php1,500 worth of products). To become an active member, one must actively pay his monthly dues(MOD) of  P1,200 as payment for health maintenance kit (P3,000 worth of products). This is to ensure the health condition and the incentives such as the following:


  1. REPURCHASE SERVICE INCENTIVE (RSI) is given to an active member whose immediate invite /recruit pays for his/her monthly dues with 1ASAPPP Movement. All members are eligible to receive a gross amount of PhP 300.00 representing the RSI. Meaning, you will receive Php300 every month provided your direct recruit complied the MOD policy. This amount will be multiplied to how many recruits you have invited to join the advocacy.
  2. Entitled for Buy 1 take 2 promo on all products every month.  You will have a discount of up to  200% of products.
  3. For every Php100.00 worth of purchase, you will have 1 point or Php1.00 as rewards point. And within 1 year period, your money spent will have a returns!
  4. Financial reward is processed by DragonPay, a secure online payment. With your own ATM card, it can be claimed through accredited banks. Safe and secure!


To join this is to learn more about the advocacy and to promote  this is in fact to become a great beneficiary! A very simple yet worth joining  for your better future-your health and financial sustanability!


This is a guaranteed  agreement between you and the company. This is already proven for over  1 year now! What  are you waiting for ? Hurry up  and join us today!


For more information , you may visit these following face book pages and website or contact Ms. Mary Grace Delibo @ 09109105738 or email @

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