The Ultimate Green Magnetizer made it to the peak of being the CHAMPION during the 1st Dok Alternatibo Olympics 2012 held last June 25, 2012 at the Digos City Stadium.

The Summer Olympics of Dok Alternatibo started last May 2012 where there are various sports offered for the employees of Dok Alternatibo where they could find themselves suitable and expert in the field.

It was a tough fight from the four teams who made it to the top. The Blue Eyesolution won the basketball game from Red Sexolution and declared as the 2nd place of the event with the score 84 – 81. On the other hand, the green magnetizer never let the Orange Fulvic Kings defeat them with the score 78 – 76 and brought home the Cash Prize and Products intended for the winning team and be declared as the over-all champion.

The names of each team were name after the products of Dok Alternatibo such as Green Manetizer (Magnesium Ascorbate), Blue Eyesolution (Tawa-tawa extract), Orange Fulvic Kings (Fulvic Minerals) and the Red Sexolution (Brain and Sex enhancer).

The objective of the event is to strengthen more the camaraderie of one another enable to maintain the harmonious relationship that they have in the working the place. Promoting sportsmanship is another way of reminding everyone to maintain the healthy lifestyle that they possess while working in Dok Alternatibo. Exploring more the hidden talents are also part of the objective of the event.

It was a very long celebration yet everyone enjoyed every single day of it since it let them enhances more their ability to play, talented people were discovered and think for more strategies so that they could win the battle from their opponents.

The Results of the Summer Olympics 2012:

Green Magnetizer  –  CHAMPION

Orange Fulvic Kings    –   1ST PLACER

Blue Eyesolution   –   2ND PLACE

Red Sexolution  –  3RD PLACE