Every active member deserves a Reward  from the Multi-awarded Filipino Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo (Owner / General Manager of Dok Alternatibo). Just last April 16-17, 2012 the 24K Association from Davao City made a glimpse with the operation of Dok Alternatibo in Digos City, Philippines as a reward for their undying support and patriotism to the natural products of Dok Alternatibo.



It was a very memorable experience for the 24K Survivors od Davao, Tagum and Panabo by which in the 2-day activity they had their recollection and discussion upon availing the Franchising Program offered by the Dok Alternatibo. The group were already running for almost 2 years now and they are looking forward for a much bigger income for their group enable to support the needs of their families at home.



They started their tour in the Herbal Laboratory 1 located at the Roxas Extension and witnessed the making of the B-complex, Mix10 Coffee and other powdered products of Dok Alterantibo. Right after they proceeded to the Cosmetics and Herbal Laboratory 2 in R&D Building in which they also witnessed the mixing and drying of natural ingredients of Dok Alternatibo such as lagundi, ampalaya and other more.



The trip was attached with the theme: “Learn our Way and Enjoy your Stay!”. It was the goal of Dok Alternatibo Staff and fortunately with God’s help they made it upon satisfying the Survivors expectations.


24K Association in the R&D Building of Dok Alternatibo, Digos City Philippines


The “Health to Wealth” Advocacy of Dok Alternatibo is now already at their hand. The Group already decided to have their franchise branch in Davao City somewhere in Sasa area. Everything is still under negotiation but one thing is for sure they are going to make money out from the resources that they have and that is the experience of being totally recovered by just following solely the System and Formula of Dok Alternatibo.


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