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By: Bernz Nicolas

November 27, 2015. This was the most awaited day of the DARAD Foundation, Inc. Health Care students’ lives  as  this marked  a  milestone  for  them.  This was their Pinning and Candle Lighting ceremony held at the Prime Hotel in Digos City with the Management Team, School Administrators and Faculty members of DARAD Foundation Inc. participated in the event.

The ceremony began at 3:15pm. Parents and Students did a procession. It’s a symbol of the journey that parent/guardian took together to reach the milestone. There were 36 candidates, 12 regular students and 24 scholars, who were recipients of the company’s scholarship program.  They extended their heartfelt gratitude to the CEO of the Foundation, Invtr Edgar Lozada-Delibo for the opportunity of availing full scholarship. They will never forget this for the rest of their lives.

Rev. Fr. Rico Dingal, DCD, led the solemn celebration and gave emphasis on sacrifice, that serving to those who needed care is “God’s work”, then followed by the blessing of the pins, badge, candles and lamps.  The presentation of candidates was done by the TVET Trainer and Assessor for Health Care Services NC II Bernalie A. Nicolas, RN. 

On the other hand, Elizabeth B. Tabada, RN, MAN, Health Care Department Head gave an enlightening message to the Health Care students. She noted to internalize the moral values being taught by the school, be humble, be brave to face the reality in giving service to those in need of care and continue to bring joy being the Angels in the sickroom

One by one, the students walked towards the stage where they finally given their very own insignia or pins. It signifies sense of authority in delivering care. Receiving the pins together with their nameplates/badge, candles and lamps entail responsibility and integrity.

All candidates of Batch 2016 stand infront of their Parents and Guardians as they recite the “Florence Nightingale’s Pledge” led by Mae J. Brigole.  One of the Guest Speaker was Rey Torion, a product of DARAD Foundation whom from being a regular student grabbed his chance to be an employee and be part of the Rejuvenation Team. As he relates his experiences, he left an inspiring message never to let an opportunity to pass and continue to aim high.

Mrs. Elvie D. Fuentes, Head Registrar delivered the closing remarks.

The lamp is a symbol of hope; a reminder of the art of caring and compassion a Health Care Assistant student can make a difference in other’s lives.  The lamp carried by Florence Nightingale served as an inspiration when tasks seemed almost too heavy to carry.

Now is the beginning of the lifelong commitment to new chapter of learning. Continue with the duty of being a patient advocate, “devote thyself of those committed to our care” and always remember the meaning of the word RESPONSIBILITY, Responding competently using the Right ability, right here, right now.