Dok Alternatibo celebrated its 5th Anniversary last August 4, 2012 at the newest Dok Alernatibo Clinic in Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City.

The celebration started with a motorcade that created a noise all over the busy streets in Davao City followed by a Grand Healing Seminar inside the said Clinic leaded by the most in demand Lecturers Dok Clovis JL Sabornido, Dok Winston Ampoloqiou and Reher Ybanez.

The most active members were rewarded with the effort they made throughout the years of success of the company. Buy 1 take 1 for all the products during the day of the anniversary (August 08,2012) all over the Nation. Dok Alternatibo 5 years ago started its humble beginning from its first ever Clinic in Davao located at Tinikling, Mc Arthur Highway owned and managed by Delibo Family headed by the Multi-Awarded Filipino Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM.

“I would like to extend my grateful appreciation to all the avid members and followers of Dok Alternatibo, this another year of the company is another success that I would like to share to everyone. Thank you for all the support may our Almighty Father continue bless us so that we could also bless more sickly people and spread more the GOOD NEWS!”, a message from Dok Ed via phone patch as he was interviewed by one of the anchorman of DYRX Fm 107.2 ¬†in Toledo Cebu City.

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