“Praise the Lord because I am one of people who is able to visit for the 7 Days Rejuvenation Program here in Digos. I would like to say thank you first and foremost to our God Almighty who gave me the privilege to go here. Second, our great Doctor who is Dok Ed if not because of him we will not be rejuvenated like now.”

“As what Doctor (Dok Ed) said there’s always hope, do not lose hope because we have God who is helpful, God who is loving and God who see the illness suffered by his children.”

“All we need to do is obey and 100% you will recover. From that time I become positive, my face before who used to be moody now I am teaching myself to learn how to laugh as loud as I can. That laughter of mine is one of the factor that let me cure myself.”

“Rejuvenation truly help me a lot because we were developed in Mind, in Body and in Spirit. So now I can already dance (with movements). I told myself I need to share this to other people so that I will not be the only one who is blessed. The truth is I am truly blessed in everything that we did here. In every activity from the start that we woke up aside from when I am praying inside our beautiful room which is very comfortable I really thank God. I am also grateful to all our meditation activities.”

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