“Bear with me as I am going to tell you the best natural healing I have experienced so far in my whole life. I am hoping that my story will be your helping tool in making a valuable investment on your health that you will never regret for the rest of your life.”

“I am Miss Elen Torejos of Tagum City. I have breast mast and I am actually planning to go to St. Luke Manila for check up and confinement. I felt so much stress before because of my illness and I think that stress makes my illness worsen.”

“When I entered Dok Alternatibo there is really healing; my mind become peaceful. Unlike before that my breast was so painful, but now it’s different maybe because of the herbal medicine that I take. It slowly gets better.”

“Actually I stayed at Laguna and I was having only my vacation at Tagum City. At first, my brother invited me to attend Dok Alternatibo seminar. But I ignored it because I hate seminars I found it so boring. Then, my sister-in-law told me that I have to try even in an hour, so I attended the said seminar. It was the very first time that I attended seminar. Well, it is actually unplanned. My plan is after my vacation at Tagum I went back to Manila and have check-up at St. Luke hospital. So, I never plan to attend seminar.”

“I believe it is God’s desire that I was on that seminar because when I heard Dok Ed’s lecture I concluded that all is true. One of the reasons of our illness is our old eating habits and our negative emotion. I listen very eagerly everything he said. Then, He checked me up, and he said I need to undergo Rejuvenation Treatment because according to him my heart is full of anger and I am loaded with stress. So, I decided to rejuvenate. My sister-in-law asked me if I am sure of my decision because it worth bigger amount of money. But I told her that what money for if you are unhealthy. Hence, I never have doubts in deciding what’s best for me. I never regret it as long as I will be healed. I’m sure that when I chose to confine in the medical hospital my bills would be triple from what I’d spend here at Dok Alternatibo. So, I thank God that I was rejuvenated. But of course we should change our lifestyle to maintain our good health.’

“When I worked abroad, I already consulted a medical doctor and I was advised to have mammogram but I disregard it because I don’t want a mammogram. Besides they will let me take synthetic drugs and I don’t want to take such kind of medicine that would not heal me totally but it rather harms my health. So, I am so grateful that I took my vacation and I’ve learned about Dok Alternatibo.”

‘I never regret that I spend money because it is for my health. I am a bread winner, and like a building if the foundation will fall down everything will also crumple and collapse. So, if you have to earn money you have also to invest for your health. And I think this the most valuable investment I have made in my whole life. I know God guided me into this path.”

“I feel better now, no more pains in my breast and I am happy. The services of the staff and the foods are okay. They are so kind here, super caring, and always smiling that’s why I will miss you all. Thank you Dok Ed and thank you to God…I am happy, I am inspired, and I am perfectly healthy!”