Mam Sarah Edisa from Cebu City
retiree from Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)

A very delicious heavy breakfast in the morning means rice plus canned goods like corned beef and sausage. Mornings are not complete without energy drinks and bread that was how Ma’am Sarah Edisa described her morning rituals before she learned about Dok Alternatibo, the leading and expert in alternative medicine in the country.

In an interview she said that “Twelve years ago I already felt the mast inside my breast but I just took it for granted and I did not change my lifestyle until I felt that the lump was getting bigger then I went to see my medical doctor then he advised me to undergo an immediate operation which I refused because I fear for my health and I really don’t like and feel comfortable with the idea of having an operation. My brother told me that if I am not interested in pursuing an operation I might choose alternative medicine and he introduced me to Dok Alternatibo”.

It was a total shift in her life when she joined the advocacy of Dok Alternatibo and when she submitted herself to Rejuvenation Treatment Program.  After her six days holistic healing program she vibrantly stated “I am now healthier and more positive. I am now stress-free because now I understand that worrying does not add a single day into our lives. I can guarantee that we must invest more in our health because we can always find money but our health, it must be our priority. After all we only have one life”.

“I am Sarah Edisa, 68 years old from Cebu City and a retiree from Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)”.

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