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To prove to the world that all degenerative diseases can BE CURED through natural healing and applying the Award-winning Formula of Dok Alternatibo.


A trustworthy, culture-oriented and highly competitive forerunner and advocate of Alternative and Traditional Medicine in the Philippines leading the invention, manufacture and distribution of natural, chemical-free, effective, efficient and quality herbal medicines and food supplements serving the Filipino People worldwide through its clinics which employ the natural healing methods with scientific and technological applications for all kinds of degenerative diseases.


To satisfy the burning desire of every patient to be healed naturally following the Dok Alternatibo Formula.

 To lead a passionate campaign in instilling awareness to the Filipino people and the world of Dok Alternatibo’s advocacy in Alternative and Traditional Medicine as the most effective and efficient means to health.


To provide the Filipino people and the world the chance to attain healing of their sickness the natural way through the comfort of Dok Alternatibo Clinics established nationwide.


To offer to the Filipino people and the world the answer to their unsolved health problems through invention, manufacture and distribution of natural and chemical free herbal medicines and food supplements recognized by the Government.


 About Us


                DOK ALTERNATIBO CORPORATION (DACORP) is engage into Franchising Business of Agriculture, Industrial and Alternative Medicine Products local and abroad. It is owned and operated by the incorporators who voluntarily agreed to form a stock corporation under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.


              The company was duly registered in the list of Food And Drug Administration as Manufacturer with a plant located in Roxas Extension, Digos City in addition to the Licenses to Operate as Distributor. Its main business is herbal products/ clinic distribution and therapeutic massage in different areas of the country as part of alternative medicine practice.


              Dok Alternatibo Corporation (DACORP) is also an advocacy-oriented association of highly dedicated people who are committed to serve God, Country and Family, regardless of Age, Gender, Color, Race, Political biases or Religion. DACORP is duly organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to propagate the Alternative Healing of the physical body through broadcasts, newspapers and conduct of seminars and free training and consultations patronizing naturally and organically-based products for human beings, animals and plants.


    It was established to engage into manufacturing and distribution of Herbal Products, Food Supplements and Cosmetics Products; it also deals with the Business of Importing & Exporting of Manufactured Products. It Manufactures Organic and Herbal Products for Human Being, Plant and Animals as well as Agricultural and Industrial Products.


               DACORP has been successful in the field of natural healing, natural health and beauty and natural farming advocating only a single formula. This formula has been duplicated from Davao City to almost all places around the Philippines which to date, has conquered many municipalities, cities and provinces and has established almost eighty (80) strong and dedicated branches all over the country with more intensified drive to expand.




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