If you leave acne untreated, it can scar your skin. Teens are most often the ones who suffer from acne, but adults can suffer as well. Read this article to understand more about acne, and learn some tips that you can use to prevent new blemishes from occurring. Dok Alternatibo always find it ways to boost your confidence and increase your livelihood just keep on reading to know more what I am talking about

  1. Do not squeeze it. When you have a pimple, it is best not to pick at it. Squeezing pimples can introduce bacteria to the open wound, creating more blemishes. It can also cause nasty scabs and scars that are harder to cover up than the zit is itself.
  2. Avoid extreme temperature. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can cause acne. Warm weather can cause you to sweat more, even facially. Your pores can get clogged through sweating. This could result in an acne breakout. When the weather is cold, this could lead to dry skin. Neither is preferable.
  3. Makeup. Try avoiding makeup for a while and see if that has any affect on your acne. The temptation to cover your blemishes with makeup should be ignored, as this can only clog your pores and make your breakouts worse. Don’t do this so your pores remain clean and clear.
  4. Avoid stress. Avoiding stressful situations is the best way to manage the stress in your life. Since stress can aggravate acne, you need to avoid stressful situations.
  5. Wash and clean. Regularly washing your bed sheets can help to prevent further acne outbreaks. Oils will collect on your pillow cases and sheets while you sleep. When you sleep on these linens again, they will travel back to your skin. Make sure that you wash your bed items often in order to avoid this constant transfer of oils.

Note that acne can cause people to avoid a social life. The negative effects of acne, therefore, can last over the course of a person’s life. By following the advice in this article and learning how and why acne happens, you can properly treat it and keep it from ruining your social life and causing scars.

You can actually use natural products to combat acne in your face. Like Activated Charcoal Gluta Soap, Body Scrub (can also be applied in your face) and Wonder Cream that are proven to be safe and effective in fighting acne. They are very good remedy to erase the painful scar in your face.  

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