Helping people who suffered for illnesses is the mission of DOK ALTERNATIBO. The Iloilo branch successfully done its’ Grand Healing Seminar last February 8, 2013 held in the clinic located at 21 EL 98 Street Jaro, Iloilo City. Accompanied by a special guest (lecturer) Dok Tess Sacabin, DMNH of Carcar Branch and of course it will not be successful without the dedicated support of clinic staff Dok Joseph Junifer Buytrago,DMNH, Reshiel Tagarda, NHC and Marilyn Joy Acope, LI as well as the supportive members, new attendees and walk-in audience.

The said seminar started with a prayer led by Sister Evangeline Camano (one of the active member), followed by Philippine National Anthem, and then Dok Joseph Iloilo DMNH introduced the speaker.  The seminar started at exactly 9:30 in the morning and ended at around 1:00 in the afternoon. Lecturer Tess Sacabin discussed about the importance of cleansing and herbal composition of DOK ALTERNATIBO products.

During lunchtime they served natural yet special and nutritious food (Gabi with coconut milk, muscovado sugar with power powder) and wonder soft drinks composed of camote tops with kalamansi juice, Dok F wild honey, Fulvic mineral and H.A.PLUS.

Before the seminar ended lecturer Tess Sacabin and Dok Joseph, awarded the certificate or plaque of appreciation to the three active and loyal members of DOK ALTERNATIBO Iloilo branch. They were Mrs. Fe Domingo, Mrs. Aida Lacorte and Mrs. Suzzette Senato. After the seminar lecturer Tess and Dok Joseph, conducted a free check up and consultation to the patients.

Members, walk in and first timer attendee were very joyful after the seminar for the reasons that they learned how to live a healthy life style, health benefits of the common herbal plants around them and the advocacy of DOK ALTERNATIBO itself!