Black is in. The classy and elegant appeal of black comes into health and life as Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort in Digos City, Davao del Sur offers the first and only activated charcoal pools with Dead Sea-like waters. Health, wellness, fun and adventure –all in one.
Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort is a therapeutic resort with healing waters through a combination of technology and alternative medicine. Activated charcoal cleanses the water from impurities and bacteria. Since time immemorial, activated charcoal has been used as antioxidant, cleanser, antitoxin, and purifier. Black waters heal inflammation, skin diseases, stress, and cysts.
Floating in Dead Sea-like waters becomes more affordable and possible in the heart of Davao del Sur. Its mineral content is as dense as the real Dead Sea in the Middle East. Your body floats voluntarily because of minerals. It is bacteria-free with no chemicals or chlorine. The body can relax and at the same time gets healed from depression, joint pains, migraine and weak immune system.
Fun and Adventure
We made sure that Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort is open for kids and young once! This healing and fun spot welcomes people of all ages. Get your camera ready for limitless clicks. The impeccable and panoramic view of Mt. Apo with the gypsy-themed Akasha Resto Bar can make your mouth drool. The food and the mood surely becomes your friend.
Can’t wait? We serve limited guests only. Reserve now by dialling 0922-684-9925.