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“My name is Estrella Arias; a resident of Sta. Maria Bulacan. I went to Dok Alternatibo because I had health issues. I had respiratory problems; I find it difficult to breath at times. I have liver and kidney problems and my blood circulation is not that normal. My body felt numb too. I also thought that I have goiter since I can see thyroid nodules in my neck. I went to have it checked and found out that the result of my executive check up was normal, my thyroid is doing well too. I’m not really sure why I have this.”

“I heard about Dok Alternatibo. I tried the 7 days cleansing, the discomforts that I felt disappeared. I had coughed before I took it. I had asthma .It was really hard for me to catch my breath. I then started taking the 7 day cleansing. Everything went smoothly.  My bowel movement is now normal I can really say that it helped me a lot. I can go now to the restroom in a normal basis. It’s effective and it’s cheap. To those of you who are afraid, please come and try Dok Alternatibo. It’s effective and it’s cheap.”