Stroke is one of the leading causes of death around the country and across the globe. This summer season as the temperature arises, the risk of experiencing stroke is also high. Heat stroke is the top problem for Filipinos. Summer ought to be a family time, a moment to enjoy family vacation and escapades, but because of diseases and other health problems, summer fun is hindered. Not only that, aside from the hassle of having a disease, the expenses and financial dilemma can also add to the burden brought about by diseases. These are the healthy tips from the proven and tested formula of Dok Alternatibo, Asia’s holistic healing advocate and leading in alternative medicine innovation:

  1. Drink plenty of water. More than 8 glasses a day. Don’t forget 20 drops Fulvic Mineral per liter of water. Fulvic Mineral is an innovation of Dok Ed Delibo. It is a potent anti-hypertension, anti-diabetes and anti-blood clotting, food for the cell. A water and Fulvic a day keep you happy, healthy and stroke-free.
  2. Eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. Not all veggies found in groceries and markets are safe for human consumption because some of these are loaded with chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. These are toxic to the body. Organic fruits and veggies promote normal metabolism plus the vitamins, minerals and fiber. In Dok Alternatibo cleansing formula, cavendish banana is used to multiply serotonin or the happy hormones that fight depression and stress.
  3. Think of happy thoughts! The famous cartoon Peter Pan always reminds us that for us to fly and float we must think of happy thoughts. In Dok Ed’s coaching program, it has been pointed out that positive mindset can keep us away from diseases. Discover this amazing program by clicking or reach us by visiting Dok Alternatibo Centers nationwide. You may also contact our 24/7 call center hotlines: 0923-733-3054 / 0917-206-7707 / 0949-784-2162.