The Back to Back Grand Livelihood and Natural Healing Seminar was successfully held last January 25, 2013 at Dok Alternatibo Herbal Medicine Clinic located at ML Tagarao St. (In front of Old City Hall) Lucena City with our guest speaker Dok Winston Ampoloquio. This seminar was announced thru our (3) three radio programs daily, one week before the said event with invitation to our guest speaker to go on LIVE during our daily programming. We also conduct text brigade, giving of flyers and referrals by members. During the event, we have prepared natural merrienda like vegetable salad, pineapple juice with malunggay and banana milk. We also prepared fruits for the guest speaker like ripe mango, apple, oranges and grapes.

The seminar started at exactly 9:00 in the morning with an opening prayer and welcome speech by our DMNH, Dok Yolly and introduced the new set-up of our wellness center and its amenities.

While waiting for the guest speaker to arrive, Dok Yolly Martinez, DMNH made some introductions about what is Natural Healing and the effect of the right combination of the FORMULA of Dok Ed and its effect to those with Degenerative Diseases and other forms of diseases like cancer and  the effects of using synthetic drugs to the Human Body.

Those who have tried the formula and used the livelihood products shared their testimonies.  After introducing Dok Winston Ampoloquio, the guest speaker, there was a discussion first regarding the attributes how to become rich and how did the Multi-Awarded Filipino Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo,DMAM experienced hardships in life which motivated him to become who he is at the present.

The said speaker discussed about livelihood programs and healing naturally thru use of natural foods like fruits and vegetables. He demonstrates how to make banana milk, etc.

On the other hand they were 3 early birds like Mr. Arsenio Pernia who came as early as one o’clock in the morning who came from Macalelon Quezon, Mr. Virgilio Batarlo; 5:30am from Unisan, Quezon and Mr. Bobby Guevarra from San Pablo City who came in at 6:00 in the morning. They also have games like bursting the balloon and promo for the day the buy one take one for members and for the livelihood program for those who have maintained their point values. After the product demo, we have awarded those who have livelihood rebates. The seminar ended at exactly 5:00pm

Check-up and consultation followed and was conducted by Dok Yolly Martinez, DMNH

Testimonies were recorded, the staff took pictures and the 33 individuals attended the seminar.

A member named Ms. Dulce Umali discuss that Dok Alternatibo helped her a lot. Because before she needs someone to help here to walk, she feels   weak or “nanghihina”. As a result, after she takes cleansing and detoxification processes, she can walk alone, she brings back her natural beauty and obtains physically healthy body.

The seminar gives us additional knowledge on how to live longer life by living in natural way like taking the herbal medicines – that is cheaper but keeps us healthier because it does not contain any chemicals. Regarding business the lecturer, also give ideas to the listener how to have extra income and keep skin more beautiful by using and selling the products of Dok Alternatibo cosmetic products. For a person who uses cosmetic products of Dok Alternatibo they are not just earning money but they also acquire health benefits.