The Awarding of Certificate of Appreciation

Natural Grand Healing and Livelihood seminar was successfully held last Friday September 14, 2012 at Malita branch in Brgy. Poblacion, Beside Petron Gasoline Station together with the Guest Speakers Ms. Syreen Te (HR Manager) and with Ms. Marilyn Ricaforte (Lecturer) who shared their lectures about the goodness of our Health also how take good care of physical body, internal & external beauty.

Every detail for any kind of seminar that Dok Alternatibo is conducting every participants were really amazed and even shocked with the truth discussed by the Natural Health and Beauty Advocate Speakers coming from Dok Alternatibo.

Participants tasted and tried the delicious natural snacks prepared by the clinic staff: The “Banana Heart Salad” with the:  Puso ng saging,(banana heart) kalabasa(squash), saging carnaba, onion, garlic, lemon, coconut milk (gata ng niyog), Wild honey and Fulvic minerals. They   have also a SQUASH MAJA with the kalabasa (squash) coconut milk (gata ng niyog), coco Sugar and Fulvic Minerals, they also prepared Natural and wonder Soft Drinks that is healthy to our body and it is also good for the heart, blood circulation, hypertension and anemic: it consists sweet potato leaves (talbos ng kamote), lemon, water, Wild Honey, Haplus, and Fulvic minerals.

After learning so many things from the lovely lecturers a Free Check-Up and Consultation was made by the Visiting Doctors: Dok Syreen Te and Dok Beth Tabada together with the DMNH and NHC of the said branch.

The Members and the participants also received a certificate of Appreciation and Recognition for the full support they rendered to the programs of the company. The papremyo sa Resibo gave more color as and Mrs. Jovita Brillantes, Angelle Soco and Rosalina Lainggo received the consolation prize. The 1st prize goes to Mrs. Jovita Brillantes, 2nd prizes winner goes Mr. Gilbert Carbonel and the 3rd prize winner goes to Mrs. Abeth Datuin. The more Products you buy and the more receipt you keep the more chances of winning from the PAPREMYO SA RESIBO RAFFLE PROMO held once month during the Grand seminar.