banana wine

By: Miraflor S. Artiaga

Banana wine is a fruit wine made exclusively from bananas. It comes loaded with potassium, vitamin C, B6, fiber and manganese. And it provides the best cardiovascular protection, soothes the stomach and is good for your eye sight. It has its origin in East Africa, but now gained popularity around the globe. You can savor its delicious taste and reap health benefits that suit your heart’s desire.

Banana wine is one of the fastest growing processed products of banana to enter the market in Africa. Elsewhere in Africa, up to 30% of the harvested banana fruits are squeezed to produce juice that can be taken fresh or fermented with sorghum flour to make banana beer and wine. Source of data is from dailyfruitwine.

Moreover, banana wine is a great source of vitamin B5, B6, C, and A that supply our body for enough energy and boost our immune system. It also helps control our blood pressure because it has potassium. And it helps in lowering the pressure on our heart vessel because it has high content of fiber. In fact, this fruit wine has healthy benefits in our body that anyone is craving for it.

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