While most of us know that a bad habit is a vice and a good habit is a virtue, we can mentally calculate our good and bad habits. Eating unhealthy food with soda is a sure way to destroy your body but we just can’t help it and sometimes unhealthiness is just so difficult to resist. In holistic healing, food and drinks is not the only culprit in making our health worse but as well as negative emotions and stress are perpetrators in deteriorating your health. According to research, 9 out of 10 cancer patients are suffering emotionally before they were diagnosed with cancer. Work, family problems, heart issues and a lot of stressors lead to innumerable diseases. Dok Alternatibo is the only holistic healing organization in the country that helped disease-stricken patients through the years. The power of nature combined with multidimensional perspectives in health are proven to wipe out diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver problems and a lot more. Meditation not medication, herbs not drugs, real and natural food instead of process food, exercise under the sun, these are just an overview of what goes on in holistic healing. Make it a habit and we’ll tell you how. Dial 0922-684-9925 and read more at www.dokedcoaching.com