Mid-year reports are already in the hands of your boss and you can still make amends to make your boss give you a worthy promotion.

It’s your time NOW to move up and avoid being disappointed because others are promoted while you’re left behind. Whatever the reason, you want to make certain now that you’re ready to move up. In other words, you need to make certain that your boss sees your value and eventually promote you.

Research backs up that even bosses have biases. How to make these biases favourable to your promotion? You may say that you’re already doing your best, but dear, that’s not enough. Your boss is human too. He/she must have biases and you can capture that by not being overly obvious that you want a promotion. Increase your chances of being promotable instead being disposable by being positive, coachable and never stop in improving. Always give room for being better than being the best. Here are some steps to become promotable:

  1. Be open for multi-tasking

To get promoted, you have to go above and extend extra effort and time to make your task commendable. Taking on additional responsibilities without being asked is not only a great way to demonstrate your skills, but it also lets your boss know that you’re ready to take more responsibilities by walking the extra mile. Overtimes and showing more skills can make your boss say “YES” for your promotion.

  1. Share what you know

When you are so skilful and the best in your craft, your boss may think that you are just contented with your position. By sharing your ideas and skills your boss may consider in giving you a promotion because you are not afraid to teach others for the benefit of company’s growth. Do not hoard knowledge, develop other people instead. Teaching others is a leadership skill and by sharing the important aspects of your job can make your boss see you deserve to become a leader and give you a more advanced position.

  1. Develop emotional intelligence

You might be a genius but you’ll never be promoted if have low level of emotional intelligence. If you’re prone to temper to lose your cool when people or events frustrate you, you’re simply saying to your boss that you are disposable and not promotable. Emotional self-control is the result of practice and determination, not an inherent skill.

  1. Speak the company’s language

As you move up in any company, your language becomes highly important. It’s not enough to be an expert, you have to show that you understand how you serve the business. That means learning and embracing the values of your company. Speaking the proper language will not only show that you’re interested in promotion, but it will also demonstrate your intelligence and if you really belong to the company.

  1. Claim it!

Promotions don’t just happen, and they’re not a guaranteed result of high performance. That’s because you don’t get promoted as a reward for what you’ve already done. You get promoted because your boss thinks you have the potential to add more value in a larger role. Tell your boss that you aim for a promotion during an honest conversation. Remember, be true to what you want, if you believe you deserve a promotion, you shouldn’t be hesitant in claiming it. 

To be promoted, you need to earn it and work hard for it. Learn to attract more blessings in your life by enrolling in Dok Ed’s Coaching Program through dokedcoaching.com or you may call 0922-684-9925  for your subscription.