Dok Beth copy



DACORP Training Directress & National Lecturer

“I feel good now and of course I can feel that I am totally rejuvenated after the three days cleansing and health restoration. Physically, I really notice that my system had been cleansed.”

“Emotionally, there was a changed and our inner soul had been touched especially on how we accept our spiritual needs in our life. I was so touched by the videos in the CDs that were given to us. There were many series but one of the series that really touched my spirit and my soul was the series that has a message that we are always blessed everyday as every time we received blessings and we should be thankful all the time even in every small things that we received. Sometimes we forgot this kind of things to do.”

“Bo Sanchez is right that everything that we are having everyday like the air we breathe and every morning that we are able to wake up those are little things that we do not appreciate a lot in our lives because our vision is very broad and even our companion in our house like our husband and children even with our friends we only look at them ordinarily cause we constantly meet them every day but we forgot to give thanks about them. Those were the things that I’ve learned especially during the time that I lied in my bed before I go to sleep.”

“We should have a little bit reservation for ourselves. We must not give everything. Sometimes we forget that we have our own happiness and vision in life. Our life is rule by a lot of people so we must reserve something for ourselves.”

“For relaxation; being a lecturer we sometimes we forgot to have meal and enough rest at the right time. I noticed that my life was so stressful for many years not only here when I started working in Dok Alternatibo, I had given almost everything that I have. Now I knew that I should take a rest at the same time we need also to meditate and we should know that we are special.”

“To the organizers; thank you very much for spending your 3 days with us day and night. When somebody is knocking the door from time to time, we knew who they are and where they came from but I know that the blessing wants to enter. I am the one who always open the door so I am always excited for the new message that will come every time I open the door especially when there’s a camera so we need to act again like an artist. Actually we’re doing that even though there’s no camera (laughs).”

“To Dok Ed and of course to Madam Neng and your family thank you very much for this opportunity and privilege. We believe that we are one of the chosen people. We cannot say that we are special but we already knew that we are special in your eyes because we’re the first among others.”

“Thank you very much and I hope that this activity would last longer and your vision and mission of this company will grow up abundantly. Thank you very much to all.”