Chlorine is a chemical element which is a strong oxidizing agent. The oxidizing properties of this element will kill disease-causing microorganisms that believed to safeguards in drinking water. But according to health experts chlorinated water may cause illnesses like cancer because it contains trihalomethane (THM); a type of disinfection by-product that are considered carcinogenic.

In a research conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a world renowned physician and multiple New York Time’s Best Selling author, it stated that the people who drink chlorinated water has 93% risks to cancer than the people who drink water without chlorine. And male smokers who drink chlorinated water had double the risk of bladder cancer for more than 40 years than those who drink non-chlorinated water.  Source: www.mercola.com. Thus, chlorine has negative side effects to our overall health. Not only that, when you drink chlorinated water you develop toxic goiter, you will suffer heart problem, liver problem, immune system disease, arthritis, and other deadly diseases.

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