Thinking evil  is evil itself, and how much more if it is done  repeatedly and has become a  practice for a very  long, long time?

It was disclosed by the Global Research, it explains, “This evil practice that keeps repeating itself is proof that Big Pharma is a criminal racket. It no longer needs outside independent research demonstrating a drug’s efficacy to be FDA approved. Because Big Pharma sometimes outright owns and largely controls today’s most prominent medical journals, spreading false propaganda, and misinformation and lies about the so-called miracle effects of a given drug is yet another common practice that is malevolent to the core”.

Being a criminal racket (a dishonest or fraudulent business or practice) is not a joke that other tends  to  overlook  while in the midst of this many have agonized and suffered  the evil effects of this dishonest practice.

Medical journals are the easiest way to spread their  false propaganda that captures the mind from  the student to the  medical practitioner. If this execution is studied before it is acted upon, this will not be tolerated  by law.  This only means that there’s a limited ideas but the access is open not for review but for anything that divert the real intention of healing the sickness.

Person of influence such as the high-ranking officials of the government  must have an  unbiased judgment and wise understanding on how to evaluate the presented products if it will recuperate 7 billion people ranging from infant to adult.

To this effect, this perennial problem will never be solved and the victims cannot have a healthy life that was once gifted by the giver of life.  Let’s be one with Dok Alternatibo’s common interest which is to claim what is our right-right to attain optimum health.

Why not choose Dok Alternatibo  where  its foundation lays on solid evidence?  These are the few  of  the unsurpassed  events and main beliefs   under Dok Alternatibo’s  healing program.

  • Has been in the field of natural healing for 9 years and has earned a lot of awards  including  2012 Consumers Choice Awards by  20thAsia-Pacific  Excellence Awards  Council
  • 7-days Cleansing Formula is proven safe and effective for all types of disease devoid of harsh chemicals that could surely destroy your  body
  • Expenditure  ranging 10k-150k is  a price worth paying for  the total physical and emotional recovery
  • No surgical incision, drug maintenance  or whatsoever that can lead to  form another disease
  • No traumatic experience due to uncertain medical practices and unsure drug prescription.
  • Living a disease-free and healthy lifestyle  without  any harmful side-effects of drugs
  • Foods-rich in balanced, natural ingredients  is God-made  designed for human use or consumption  whereas  purely synthesized drugs are man-made designed to  maintain if not worsen the symptom.
  • Root cause of the problem is on track and not sidetracked

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