Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the blue waves and the blue ocean, but Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort in Digos City is now taking you to new heights in swimming and adventure. More than just swimming, we offer blissful therapeutic pools laden with activated charcoal, the most known antioxidant that cleanses the body inside-out. Activated charcoal makes the skin look and feel young by trapping the toxins and pollutants that cause untimely aging and wrinkles. It also relieves back pain, migraine, arthritis, and takes care of your hair and scalp. The black activated charcoal pool radiates the classic and elegant ambiance, aside from the scientific fact that it’s safe and healthy because activated charcoal purifies the water more than chlorine. Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort activated charcoal pool is black, healthy, natural and therapeutic because we believe that swimming is more than just fun, it’s all about health, wellness and happiness. For reservations and bookings talk to us through 0922-684-9925 and feel free to browse