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“Last June 4 2012 experienced foresightedness because I have tumor in my brain that is why I lose my hope that I will be cured. But luckily there is actually Dok Alternatibo, I restored my health from June up to October. But on December my sickness came back because I ate prohibited foods such as meat, rice and many more that is why on January 2013 because I cannot bare the pain on my head anymore Dok Tess (DMNH) from Gensan branch decided to transfer me in Digos City.”

“Within One week of staying here up to now that we are going home I could not feel headache anymore that is why I am very thankful to God. To Ma’am Beth and staffs for the care and well accommodation to all of us here. That is why first of all I am very grateful to God with his will we can actually restore our health through his help.

“My challenge to other Cancer Patients, who have cancers or tumor in the brain as well we should not worry too much because there is Dok Alternatibo the answer to our prayer if only we follow their formula. That is why I am very grateful to God especially to Ma’am Beth and Evelyn for their sincere care.”

“The treatment here is something you will never regret with how much you spend because you will be treated well. Everything will be provided by the staffs including their sincere care and capability to serve. All rest that you need will be provided here and the staffs really know what they need to care about and know also what they are doing. We should only follow the formula and should not eat any prohibited food/s.”

“There is really a big difference when I was still in our place; my children pity me a lot that is why they decided to transfer me here. When we came here my headache was gone when we stayed here for one (1) week even during 3 days time not reaching the promised 7 days I already felt relief from their herbal medicines even up to now that we are going home there is no more pain in my head. So praise God!”

“I recovered because if I am not yet totally okay I could not testify here because it is hard to say you already restored your health whereas in fact you are still not. I already recovered today because I could not feel any dizziness, pain and abnormalities in my head anymore.”

“My challenge to my co-cancer patients DO NOT LOSE HOPE in God’s way ability to heal we should go and try for ourselves the treatment program of Dok Alternatibo. That is my challenge to them especially for those who are also Cancerous. Before, this kind of ailment was incurable, but today it can be restored with the help of Dok Alternatibo as long as we follow their formula.”

“I am former Brgy. Councilor Angelina Castro from Jose Abad Santos Davao del Sur, 57 years old.”