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“I started and tried here last November 2012 due to my breast’ illness, it has a tumor I guess. I’ve been suffering this for how many years but I just ignored it. Last November, the pain got worst, I can’t handle it anymore. It was like a needle is hitting it inside. When it was triggered, I already had high blood, arthritis, so it multiplied into more disease.” 

“I’d known Dok Alternatibo through radio in Mellow Touch. I tried it because I know that maybe this is the remedy. I really don’t want to go to the medical doctor; I don’t want to undergo operation. I had been too many doctors before but they have the same suggestion, they want me to have an operation in which I don’t want to. I looked alternative way and I found it through radio.”

“I went here, I talked to Dok Vince where he recommended me the 7 days cleansing, and I availed it. Through the power of our Almighty Jesus Christ, saying that this should be the product that I must use for me to recover from my illness. “

“So now the tumor becomes smaller and I can’t feel any more pain, it’s gone. The tumor gets smaller and smaller it was like being melted.”

“My high blood was gone, if you have high blood you can always feel headache and your body temperature is always high. You can feel many irritations and you’d truly feel so weak. After taking the cleansing program all of these heavy feeling was gone, I feel more lightly now, my headache was gone .I’m not irritable at all. As in, it was all ok.”

“To all listeners right now, to those who have diseases that are intolerable at all and have gone to doctors and hospitals but still not cured. I advise you to go here at Dok Alternatibo because only in here you will be given the right medicine, there’s no side effects and pure herbal.”

“My message to Dok Alternatibo; I am thankful to God and Dok Edgar Delibo that he invented this and to all the staff also. Thank you because you are chosen to be an instrument to guide people that they will be given direction in life not to lose hope  and  we can restore back our health through Dok Alternatibo. Thank you so much.”

“This is Josephine Madjos, from Panacan City, 40 years old.”