breast cancer

Mrs. Gertrudes Magbanua

“I had a great feeling of ease to myself and my family knew that my cancer operation has been stopped and is no longer needed.”

I am Gertrudes Magbanua, 58 years old. I lived in Purok Tres, Crossing Dabe, Campostela, Comval Province. I own a dress shop and I am a dressmaker. I had a breast cancer and it’s been two years since I started suffering from it. I had achy feeling, painfulness and sometimes I cannot sleep.

7 days healing experience

At first, I had an achy feeling because the effectiveness of charcoal is a little bit painful when applied on top of my wound that triggers all pusses to burst out of my breast cancer, then in the second day, again more puss burst out. The third day, they said that there was already a sign of improvement. The fourth night I really felt great and relax. The fifth night was unforgettable because I felt ease and comfort, no more weighty feeling as if I am always carrying a heavy load. Now is the seventh day, I have two straight nights of good night sleeps. Only a little achy feeling left in my breast.

I really thank God that at last I felt eases and comfort; this is my first time to feel again, this kind of improvement and comfort for a long time, that’s two years, complete sleep at night, the feeling of worrying and uneasiness are gone and most importantly the question before, in my mind, doubting how long I should live with this kind of disease, finally has its answer. I should say that I found it here in wellness center; I have the best complete treatment.

Base on what I have heard during your monthly regular seminar that now, we can avail the full services of wellness centers in selected places. They say these wellness centers accept in-house patient whenever he/she wanted to admit. The reason why I have decided to try because there are questions in my mind that needs to be answered and to my curiosity I said to myself that I will go there because I want to test their credibility and prove to myself the effectiveness of their formula. I had a slight experience in Dok Alternatibo herbal products before and I had once the taste of relief and comfort, so I said I will undergo full treatment in wellness center because this is where I totally recovered.

One thing is certain, we must have faith in God, secondly I want to thank the Lord Almighty for bringing Dok Edgar Delibo being his instrument to lead this advocacy of natural healing that helps us ease our pain from different illnesses. All I can say is that you must be a little hasty, don’t waste your time, and go to the nearest Dok Alternatibo clinics if you feel something different to your health and you will witness things inside the clinic and you will learn more as you mingle with peculiar people or staff working at Dok Alternatibo wellness centers.

Another thing, don’t bother if you don’t have money for your total health spending, as you get recovered, God will send his blessings to you and money will start to flow. Lastly, think positive because this is where you will have your second life (God forgive me for saying this). I am talking about my own experience I even thought I couldn’t reach 2010 because I cannot sleep but finally, I found it here. God will bless us of course, we will also ask the Lord for the graces each day and thank Him for the bountiful gifts he has showered upon us that through his knowledge in carrying Dok Alternatibo, people restored their health.

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