Education is the most precious tool to one’s life. As class is going to start this coming June 2012 Dok Alternatibo gave supports to the Schools in Davao del Sur namely the Isaac Abalayan Elementary School for their Brigada Skwela (an activity made by every school in the Philippines before officially opening the Class after the Summer Vacation of the students).


For the Isaac Abalayan Elementary School it is the continuation of its partnership and adaptation for the last Feeding Program conducted in the School in which Dok Alternatibo in partnership with the 1ASAPPP Movement provided Fulvic Minerals and B-complex for all the students and Teachers for the School that shows a big improvements with the students’ academic performance as well as their energy to do well during their school activity.

Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM personally visited the said school for the updates of the said project of the company to the students of the Isaac Abalayan. This is to prove to the world that in natural way we could actually nourish the mind of our children without forcing them to intake the not-so-good taste vitamins that may harm their organ as they grow old in the future. Dok Alternatibo’s alternative remedy for the improvements of the child’s mind was already being proven and tested by the Isaac Abalayan Elementary School, it was being adopted and supplemented for almost 8-month with the products Fulvic Minerals and B-complex yet it made a big difference.

Today, Dok Alternatibo will still continue its advocacy upon helping the students, teachers and parents by supplementing more natural products for the benefits of everyone. Students, Teachers and Parents were very thankful with the generosity given by Dok Ed as they witnessed the big difference of the academic performance made by the students as they started to take the natural supplement foods from the company.

This is just the first, watch out for more schools to be adopted by the company to taste and experience the natural products of Dok Alternatibo.