Epilepsy Testimony

Harvey 300x218 Epilepsy Testimony

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“If the epilepsy attacks me, I felt so differently, my body seems like to heavy and my head so painful. Then, I can’t remember anything, if I am walking or not. My epilepsy attacked me 4 times a day. My head is so painful, heavy and cramping.”


“But that was before, now my illness is already gone and absolutely no more. It was my aunt who told us to take Dok Alternatibo Products because it’s very effective. Her child recovered by using the products of Dok Alternatibo. My aunt told me to take and just follow the instructions given by them. Therefore, I followed it.”


 “I had undergone cleansing for two weeks. During the first week of my cleansing I did not lose weight yet. After two weeks of cleansing I lose weight already. That was the time I started taking Fulvic. My weight before was 80 kilograms but now it’s already in 55 kilograms or something like that.”


 “I feel much better now.  If you feel you will not able to recover then you will be disappointed. You need to sacrifice enable to follow the steps of healing then you will totally recover. This will help to make well our illnesses. I really feel so differently now, unlike before I feel so heavy but now my body feel lighter.”


“Everybody should listen because this is true, I’m not lying. I recovered. I sacrifice this kind of sickness before but now I recovered totally.”


“For those who have not yet taken, come over here at Dok Alternatibo. No need for you to go to another Doctor and take synthetic drugs. Come to Dok Alternatibo because it is cheaper and effective. We stayed here in Dok Alternatibo because they are initiating an activity that can also help us.”


 “Dok, thank you so much because my illness is very unusual and it’ was so difficult to deal with. It was so painful before but now I totally recovered. I am comfortable now than before. I was too heavy before but now I’m lightened. Thank you very much Dok”.


“This is Harley Dave Tapia, 12 years old from Padada, Davao Del Sur”

Harley.. 300x218 Epilepsy Testimony

Hypertension & Other Health Complaints Testimony

Gil Pioquinto 300x218 Hypertension & Other Health Complaints Testimony

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“When I was not yet following Dok Alternatibo’s way of treatment I have a lot of illnesses like High blood, heart enlargement and blurry eyesight. When I was not yet here in Dok Alternatibo I have six types of synthetic medicines that I need to take since I have lot diseases. I have medicines to take for my high blood and I was not aware that the cataract on my eyes is already on its acute stage.”



“I’ve learned about Dok Alternatibo through radio though I am a seldom listener and I have also a church mate who already undergone the treatment here in Dok Alternatibo and his is Jerry Villanueva his illness was already in stage 4 of cancer on his nasal.”



“He invited me and he stated that what happened is really a miracle and it is already his second life he said that as long as you’ll just follow the formula you will recover. I was encouraged that is why I went here, that was two years ago already and as soon as I came here I undergone the Cleansing Program right away even if I did not attended their seminar yet but they suggested me to listen and attend a seminar so that I can learned their way of treatment.”



“As I undergone their cleansing program within one (1) week time I was surprised for the first three days of my medication I experienced severe fever, body pains I could not understand my feeling because I felt dizziness. I called the office of Dok Alternatibo (Cagayan Outlet) and told them that I am going to stop the cleansing program because I was not used to this and I even left my synthetic medicines for this treatment, of course when you’re taking Cleansing Program you need to stop having your synthetic maintenance. I called Marivic (Cagayan Outlet Staff) and she encouraged me to continue because it is an indication that my body is fighting and it is already releasing the toxins on your body.”



“So I continue, when I reached four days I was amazed because all the body pains I felt was gone even the dizziness and I felt lighter it seemed like I wanted to fly because I feel so light even for my body. I was amazed also because I can see clearly already I can even read smaller letters and I like watching sunlight. I proclaim “Praise the Lord” thank you Lord because I never knew that there is only one way I could recover totally only through Cleansing Program of Dok Alternatibo.”



“One thing I can advise and suggest for those who did not try yet I am encouraging them that they should give it a try because it will be difficult to describe the feeling of relief if you did not tried it yet. As long as you’re able to follow the formula given by Dok Alternatibo where you could truly see right away after one week you can really notice good benefits to your body.”



“My message to Dok Alternatibo I am very grateful to our Almighty for giving Dok Ed the wisdom so that he could help more people and accompanied by my faith that our creator will blessed him more wisdom so that he can invent more formula and alternative medicines for complete set of recovery from food to nutrients adsorb by human body.”



“I am Gil Pioquinto, 54 years old living in Cagayan de Oro City.”


Gil 300x218 Hypertension & Other Health Complaints Testimony

High Blood Sugar Testimony

Victoria Blaco 300x218 High Blood Sugar Testimony

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“I’m concerned with my Goiter, High Cholesterol, my knee problem, my Asthma and High Blood Sugar level. I was confined because of my high Cholesterol and my Doctor said that I am prone to Stroke. I was confined in the Hospital for 4 days and that’s the reason why I have more Medicines to maintain for all my Illnesses. The time came; I felt that my stomach will bloat because of the medicines that I’ve taken.”


“There was a time that my friend Carmen Frudente invited me to join one of the seminar of Dok Ed, and it was Dok Ed who was the speaker at that time. I tried only for the respect of my friend; I don’t have the intention to undergo any of their medication. When I listened to people who shared their stories, in my mind I felt that, maybe it’s not fact, but when I listened more, It comes in my mind that maybe there is Truth behind what their talking about, and I’ve seen on my surroundings that they are in old age but they are very energetic, so I said that I’m younger than the people surrounds me but I am weaker than them.”


“I said to myself that, why not try the Cleansing. Then I tried cleansing, after that, I am afraid to stop my maintenance because I have a lot of maintenance to take, I have 4 for my Heart, to lower my Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and uric acid, also for my Goiter, that’s why I’m afraid to stop taking those medicines but I dare to stop all of them. Then after 4 days I felt healed, but I am tired to prepare but the only tip is you have to be ready of all the ingredients in able to not feel tired to finish the cleansing.”


“After Four days, there are good changes in my body until I fished the 7 days of cleansing, though I’m not totally healed, but it gently healed me, before when I walked down the Stairs, I walked down alternate, but now I can manage to walked down continuously not like before I walked down one by one. So there was healing and it is continuous. It is not like totally or instant like coffee but it slowly, always and also it corrects your body.”


“I have tried also these to my children who suffered from food poison, also my son who is a Registered Nurse but I beg him that all of those medicines that you’ve taken did not gave you cure, so you must try what I tried. Then he tried and it gives healing to what he felt. I will continuously use these whenever I suffered from nasal congestion or my Grandsons will suffer form illness I only used it.”


“To all that have never been tried, you just have to believe, these is what we need, because even though you’ve taken those medicines but you have no belief that you will cure on what you’ve taken, then nothing will happen. It’s your choice but for me there was healing.”


“I am Victoria Blanco Residing at IER Face 2, Cagayan de Oro City, im 55 years old but feeling 35.”

Blanco High Blood Sugar Testimony

Cervical Cancer – Livelihood Program Testimony

Before After 1024x372 Cervical Cancer   Livelihood Program Testimony

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“Before I came here in Dok Alternatibo I used to have tumor but after my check-up and undergone many tests such as ultra sound they found out that I have a Cervical Cancer in stage 3B. I undergone right away chemo therapy for 6 sessions and surgery too where they remove my uterus.”


“After having my chemo therapy I still did not experienced total recovery then my Doctor told me “sorry” that is why I feel so hopeless. Then my Doctor told me to undergo chemo therapy once again because the cancer cells reached already up to my liver. It became metastatic liver disease and it was already on Stage 4 since it also reached my lungs and liver. Then it became more complicated.”


“After that, my Doctor told me to repeat the chemo therapy but I was hesitant already because I already knew what happened after taking it that is why I refused the offer and told the Doctor that I will just find alternative way of recovery. Then I came here in Dok Alternatibo because of my situation of being hopeless. I tried the other healing treatment and I met many friends along the way that gave me HOPE and they encouraged me to try here in Dok Alternatibo because they heard about it from their other friends too.”


“I attended first the seminars and I was convinced already and believed them for 100% even if I did not take yet their natural medicines maybe because I have no other choice at all and I trust them fully. After that I came back here and took their cleansing program those seven days of detoxification.”


“For seven days of cleansing even after four days I could already feel recovery in my body where I feel lighter and the unwanted waste in my body disappeared that was the first time I experienced that kind of feeling.”


“During the seven days of my cleansing I could already sleep actually even during the four days I already felt the complete recovery that it seem like my hope already came true. After one week I came back because there are still treatments that I need to continue but that treatment is what we called nutritional treatment since when our body was already cleansed the next step is to gain nutritional lifestyle to help you recover totally.”    


“Maybe for those who already saw me they could really notice a big difference and even for myself I could say that before I used to be weak but now I am already selling mix10 coffee, H.A-plus and any other products that were given privileged of Dok Alternatibo for their livelihood program.”


“On my own opinion my health complaint will truly come back if I will not follow their formula.”


“To all not just here in the Philippines but to all who could hear and watch this, whatever may be your race if you want to gain healthy body Dok Alternatibo is the suitable company that will show the gifts of full recovery not just for your body because they will also provide business through their livelihood program and they will encouraged you to strengthen more your relationship to GOD and that is the most important.”


“To Dok Alternatibo especially to Dok Ed that used to be an instrument and serves as my hero because he opposed to our usual knowledge example to that is the breakfast. We are trained that breakfast is the most important meal in a day but here in Dok Alternatibo it is the opposite thing lunch is the most important meal instead of breakfast. Dok Ed opposed many more other medical learning and stands for it.”


Dok Alternatibo opposed that is why Dok Ed became a hero to me because he sacrificed his life for this advocacy and he was not afraid to stand firmly that is why he is a modern hero for me.”


“To Dok Ed no word could tell for my gratefulness, you were used as an instrument by God.”


“I would like to say thank you also to all Dok Alternatibo Staff to their DMNH and even for other survivors because I learned to mingle more.”


“I am Herminia Montellano originated from Zamboangga del Norte and currently residing in Pahak, Lapu-Lapu City, 37 years old.”

 Montellano 300x218 Cervical Cancer   Livelihood Program Testimony

Kidney Problem Testimony – Chona Balusdan

Chona 300x218 Kidney Problem Testimony   Chona Balusdan


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“I was attacked by my kidney problem and they brought me to the hospital right away. They used pain reliever to me just relieve the pain because I can’t even stand or twist my body, only lying down is what I can do as a result they’ll just carry me and put me in the bed. Actually, when they delivered me in the hospital through an ambulance they needed to carry me to put me to the hospital bed because I can’t stand alone without the stretcher.”


“I have a high ceria, high blood sugar and they fund many stones in urethra and in my kidney too and it already bumps.  They saw many stones in my kidney according to ultrasound.”


“I really felt pain. I was confine Sunday evening at the hospital until Thursday I still could feel the same pain it seems like there is no treatment at all, those pain reliever were useless even other antibiotic and other related medicines for kidney stones. In the next day they x-rayed me to know the reason why the pain is still there. They still found many stones in my kidney.”


“That’s why my doctor who used to be an internist already looked for someone or anybody else who has much higher knowledge over him. So he referred me to another doctor. During that time I already have three doctors, one of my doctor told me that if I won’t undergo an operation I should undergo the laser treatment. If the laser treatment will succeed I will not do it again. But the laser treatment is worth P74, 000 and if I choose the operation it is worth P100, 000 and we can’t afford it. I don’t really want to undergo any operation too. I beg my doctor to use only the medicines that can be injected and capable to dissolve my kidney stones that is my preferable option.”


“But my doctor objects to my opinion because he told me that he could not wait up to 9 months suffering with my condition. That’s why my older sibling went to the hospital and signed a waiver that we will go out from the hospital already. Then we leave, but we did not told them that we were going to Dok Alternatibo, my doctor thought that I’ll go to the Davao Regional Hospital.”


“We travel all the way to Digos outlet of Dok Alternatibo for the wellness consultancy, when I got here in the wellness there were still pain beside my belly. But since last Sunday we entered here 12 noon when I was admitted up until now the pain was gone.”


“Now I can already move my body unlike in the hospital. In the hospital I just lie down and there’s a time that I am only sitting on the chair for the whole night because I have a hard time to breathe as I was trying to catch-up my gasp caused by the pain but here in Dok Alternatibo I can already move my body side by side and even lie down, such a big difference.”


“I can say that there is really a big difference between the two of them (Hospital and Dok Alternatibo). In the hospital, whatever I take even the pain relievers there is no effect on my body and I can’t even have a rest even though I was injected with a sleeping medicines. Here (Dok Alternatibo) I gain rest and sleep without any pain reliever or sleeping medicines that was injected to me only the herbal products.”


“For those who did not tried yet here in the Dok Alternatibo, they should give it a try and avail the free check-up and they should also try the herbal medicines that Dok Alternatibo are producing.”


“What I can say about Dok Alternatibo, it has a good way of recovery because there will be no illnesses that will enter in your body through the use of its products. If people want to feel the recovery treatment of Dok Alternatibo, they should visit the Dok Alternatibo Outlets so that they can try it for themselves.”


“I’am Chona Balusdan, 46 years old, I live in Banga South Cotabato.”

Chona.. 300x218 Kidney Problem Testimony   Chona Balusdan

Prostate Cancer

Anatolio. 300x218 Prostate Cancer

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“I was diagnosed of having a Prostate Cancer but it was still in the Early Stage. They gave me tablets but I did not consume it for a long time because my child brought me to Pulan and I even brought my tablets when we went there. I saw that there were many Big Pharmaceuticals that are selling Herbal Products too.”


“Those Pharmaceutical companies will not Entertain and sell you herbal products if you don’t have any Prescription. My child does not like in going there too. So we went to some herbal stores, they will just ask you on what is your illness and they will immediately gave you products and explained which one is good for you. Then, I took those herbal products. When I came back it was already after 90 days I guess, I am still taking those products and I even bought more.”


“Until Dok Alternatibo came out, I was encouraged and I stopped taking those herbal products that I used to take before when we went to Pulan. I came to know Dok Alternatibo through radio program made by Dok Ludi. They told me that I need to undergo cleansing program where I need to frequently take b-complex and I still continue taking it until now.”


“Before I used to urinate frequently especially during night my sleep will be disturbed because I need to pee. There are even times that I need to pee six (6) or more times at night and you really need to get up when you wanted to relieve yourself, but now it’s totally gone.”


“For those who are peaked and did not tried yet the products of Dok Alternatibo it will be better for you to try it because the assurance of recovery here is attainable.”


“I am Anatolio Borodario my age now is 77.”

Testimony of Insomnia and Constipation – NTC Regional Director

1150257 555429551185475 692686087 n Testimony of Insomnia and Constipation   NTC Regional Director

Director Josue de Villa Go – NTC Region XI, Davao City

“I am Director Josue de Villa Go of the National Telecommunications Commission Region XI, Davao City. I am 51 years old now, I have two children the oldest is a seaman and the youngest just took the bar exam in Manila, my wife is a teacher.”


“Before I experienced changes in my body and health I used not to sleep so easy. It used to be 2 or 1 in the morning where I actually turn on all entertaining sound system and even Television just to make my mind become weary and eventually make me fall asleep.”


“One day I came to know a person who was called Dok Ed Delibo who went to my office in National Telecom Davao. He asked for my current body condition and I told him that I could not sleep easy later than 1am or 2am. Another thing that I am troubled about is that I could not waste 3 times a day. I thought before that it is ok to waste one time within three days, I am happy already if I I’m able to make it but I was wrong and I should not be happy at all with that condition.”   


“That is maybe the reason why I easily got sick and experienced stomach ache. The only solution is to undergo cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo. After taking the cleansing program my body is now looking for bed to sleep every 9pm even if there is no music at all it really wanted to sleep. That is why I am really considering Dok Alternatibo as a big blessing because of its cleansing program initiated by Dok Ed where the wisdom was given to him.”


“Another thing that I am thankful about is that I could already waste 2 to 3 times a day. It was a problem of yesterday and the solution was now given.”


“My challenge now for all of those who are listening and did not try yet the Dok Alternatibo formula do not waste your body, health and even your life. They are reachable with your hands and they even have telephone, email address and you can even search them through your computer kindly contact now Dok Alternatibo they have many wellness centers nationwide. So that you can also experience the goodness and relief it brought to me through this formula.”


“To you Dok Ed please continue your advocacy we will pray for you that God will pour more the light and wisdom that was not given to anyone but only to you alone. Long live Dok Ed. In the name of God, for those who are listening I am your Regional Director of National Telecom, a pastor for 30 years. God said that it is not just praying alone but God challenge us in the book of James that we should also put oil after our prayer.”


“All of these products are product from the herbs that can be seen in our place. Thank you and God bless us all.”


Cervical Cancer Testimony From Warlita Aredidon

Warlita Cervical Cancer Cervical Cancer Testimony from Warlita AredidonClick here to watch the full testimony

“I will start from the beginning I have suffered from my illness for a long time. It started when I was still 15 years old until I reached the age of 19 where I undergone Raspa but since it came back when I reached the age of 36 I undergone the same procedure again.”


“My medical doctor found out that there are actually three gobs in my mattress that may lead to Cancer because those were actually cysts. They told me that I need to remove my mattress at the age of forty (40) for my own benefit. But there is still no assurance of my total recovery after the operation according to them that is why I did not return because I was thinking that it will just be the same. I was 36 years old way back then.”


“I did not consult anyone after those findings they had for me. Until my condition become severe last November 2012 where I actually become bed ridden and my relatives were just serving my needs since my body could not bear anymore the pain and it lasted to December until June this year where I rarely eat, drink, dispose waste and urinate. I could not even sleep well. There were so many temptations that hinder us to go here because they keep on telling that there is still no definite result for my health.”


“I told my relatives that if they’re going to bring me to the place where I will be operated mostly likely there is still no assurance for my recovery. I told them that I have heard something from the radio through the initiative of my children since they keep on listening to the FM station of Dok Alternatibo and they want me to undergo their natural way of healing and I stand firmly that they should not bring me to the place where someone may operate me.”


“Our Carabao that used to be the source of our income was sold because of my condition and we firmly believe that life is much important than anything else in this world.”


“When we came here in Dok Alternatibo I was so weak they want to give me a special treatment because of my current condition and they notice that I am really facing a difficult situation.”


“The first time I intake the products I could really feel relief. It was on Monday in the afternoon when I started and the next day I already feel recovery with the pain I feel inside. Wednesday morning when I took a bath because I could not feel pain anymore thanks God but my tummy is still heavy then but it gave me a big relief already.”


“When other saw me after my 7 days natural medication they can’t believe that I undergone complicated disease before because they could notice the big difference in y looks.”


“If God will give a miracle people will truly be amazed. Even before I am already listening as far as I know Dok Alternatibo is still a new company cause if only my Father is still alive he may not be dead today. We prove that there is truly Edgar Delibo, sometimes people will believe solely but sometime not because we are only human but as I submitted myself here I notice that this is really the truth because I never really wanted chemical medicines to take for my illness.”  


“Everyone can recover here if you believe in God and Jesus Christ. If not, it will not be given unto you. You just really need to follow their program and only intake what they prescribed. You cannot recover if you will not call our Creator. Through Dok Ed, he was an instrument to spread the good news in using herbal with the words of God.”


“For those who doubt and now suffering from complicated diseases you should not lose your hope as long as you believe in God, Dok Alternatibo is an instrument.”


“I am Warlita Aredidon, from Tagbungan JP Laurel, Saranggani Province my age now is 60.”

Livelihood Member Testimony

Live 300x218 Livelihood Member Testimony

“I am already a member now and I have sold plenty of products to my clients. The most marketable products for me are the Natural Papaya Soap and Haplus. All of the clients keep on telling that the products of Dok Alternatibo are truly good and they keep on buying once they tried.”


“Even if I’m only staying at home selling Dok Alternatibo products serves as my sideline and it helps me a lot for the studies of my children. When there is promo given it will be an additional income for us.”


“All I can say is that they should try to become a member as well so that they could earn more even if they are only staying at home like me.”


“My message to Dok Alternatibo is that I hope they could expand more so that they could help more people.”


“I am Anna Coritha Asi, Residing at Pinagbayanan Taysan Batanggas. I am 55 now.”


Livelihood. 300x218 Livelihood Member Testimony

Complicated Diseases – Recovered!

Wilma 300x218 Complicated Diseases   Recovered!

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“I have many health complaints, before I could not walk on my own; I used to have sore throat & gob in my stomach. I am out of my breath quickly when I am standing until such time I am not walking properly already. I’ve been to many hospitals for check up and consultation, I’ve been to Tanawan to San Pablo and seek for total recovery but they just require me to have X-rays I even went to PGH because of financial reason still nothing happened they keep on recommending me expensive medicines but still I am not recovering.”


“Until one evening we were relaxing together with my husband in our house while listening music over the radio where next to that is the radio program of Dok Alternatibo, I rapidly find ways to have some money enable to go to Lucena since they do not have outlet here in Lipa yet. I took the Combo Pack Cleansing Program and tried their way of treatment.  Until I reach One (1) week I feel much better since I could already walk on my own when I was experiencing the healing crisis I was scared but later on I realized it was not really that hard to surpass.”


“Until now I still buy Fulvic Minerals because it is out energy provider specially when we are from our business venture and feel so tired we just drink Fulvic Minerals together with Honey since year 2009.”


“It gives me so much benefit since I took the cleansing last August 2009 and choose to cut it on November of the same year, in God’s grace even up to now I still feel so healthy, only seasonal sickness just like cold is what I am experiencing but it will just gone right away because I already have natural remedies.”


“Their Livelihood Program is also good, before it used to have rebates I am shock sometimes when I’m able to withdraw money and I am still using it to buy other products of Dok Alternatibo. Until now my clients are coming to me I do not need to please them anymore. The most marketable products for me are the Haplus & Mix10. It seems like Mix10 is on the top because for the elder it is what they keep on asking from me.”


“For those who did not try yet the products of Dok Alternatibo who also have health complaint and do not know what medicines they need to take enable to recover. Come here because the consultation is for FREE and I guarantee they will recover here just like me.”


“I am very thankful together with my family and friends for a reason that Dok Alternatibo because it changed our lives. Life without illness is such a wonderful life. Special thank you to Dok Ed for he invented all of this with the wisdom given by the Almighty Father and  he’s able to help people who could not afford to be admitted in the highly maintained hospitals.”


“I am Wilma Dadivas, 59 years old, living in Pingasabaan, Rosario, Batangas.”


Wilma Video 300x218 Complicated Diseases   Recovered!