Hypertension Survivor

Hypertension1 300x218 Hypertension Survivor

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“The first time I experienced Hypertension my blood pressure used to be 220/100 and then the next check up I made 200/110 then 180/100 it’s the normal blood pressure for me. I was scared even my children and my whole family. I was admitted to the hospital every now and then. Many things I felt especially for my palpitation it disturbed me a lot that I could not even sleep & eat well. My body becomes weaker too and there were a lot of side effects upon drinking synthetic medicines I even had allergy, headaches, my legs were swelling and many more.”



“I need to find alternative ways. Thanks a lot to God for he used Dok Alternatibo as an instrument. When I met Dok Vince (DMNH, Davao Branch) he told me that “the help I am making, the way of Dok Alternatibo please just obey”. I followed and until now I could not feel negative feelings anymore. My palpitation does not disturb me, I could sleep well already, I feel much better, no more swelling and I feel happier.”



“Try for yourself Dok Alternatibo Products and you’ll never regret because I’ve been a loyal user from year 2009 until now. Wherever I go it is already part of my life because I refer it to my friends also and they feel better, healthier, happier and enjoying a good life because of Dok Alternatibo.”



“I am encouraging everyone to come and visit to the Clinics of Dok Alternatibo nationwide.”



“I want to say thank you to Dok Alternatibo because God made them as an instrument especially to Dok Ed Delibo & Dok Vince they were used to become an instrument to give hope to all the people like me who suffered from degenerative diseases. We should never lose hope, you’ll never regret in visiting and coming to the Dok Alternatibo Clinics nationwide. Thank you!”



“I am Mrs. Lilia Lucintales, 62 years old, widow, currently living in Sasa Davao City.”

Hyper 300x218 Hypertension Survivor

Kidney Failure Survivor

Kidney 300x218 Kidney Failure Survivor

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“Last December we went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure. They advised me to undergo dialysis, we thought about it carefully before making any decisions. We heard about Dok Alternatibo over the radio. I just disregarded it.”


“When I felt something I went to the doctor and had myself checked. The doctor told me to have Fistula so that it will not reach to emergency dialysis. We went home; my wife and I talked it over and came up with a conclusion, that if we undergo dialysis nothing will happen it will just costs a lot of money .That is why we decided that I will enter the wellness center for 7 days. “


“In the morning you will take chilies, water and after that the cleansing capsules and special formula, the result was good. There was detoxification and my body waste smelled really bad. I felt so relieved. I had high blood pressure and I am also diabetic. But I can see the great difference now. I used to drive and my body felt so weak. I was using maintenance before and there was no result that’s why we entered Dok Alternatibo. “


“For those who have kidney failure or liver problems, don’t hesitate to visit Dok Alternatibo. Try the seven days cleansing formula and just follow the program for you to be well.”


Kid 300x218 Kidney Failure Survivor

Polyps Survivor

Polyps 300x225 Polyps Survivor

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“I have Polyps in my ovary. Every six months I undergo Dilation. I have undergone Dilation twice and my OB told me if my bleeding will not stop they will remove my ovary.”


“I have a friend who is a patient here in Dok Alternatibo; I used Dok Alternatibo medicines for 3 months. After doing so, I visited my OB Gyne again and I found out the good news! There’s no need to remove my ovary anymore. The polyps disappeared and even them they were truly surprised because it seems like there is no trace at all.”


“It’s really difficult to have this kind of condition. It’s a waste of money and medicines. I just followed the cleansing program. Eat what’s right and do what’s good for me. I feel healthy now and I feel better, thanks to Dok Alternatibo.”


Polyps. 300x225 Polyps Survivor

Hypertension – 2 Days of Health Restoration Experience

Hypertension 300x225 Hypertension   2 Days of Health Restoration Experience

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“Last April 3 Wednesday I woke up on most probably two (2) in the morning because I need to pee but I felt dizziness where  I almost fell down, fortunately I was able to hold on. From then, I keep on sitting in our bed until the morning and drink 5 glasses of water. But I felt much worse in my stomach; I reached out for our chamber pot and started to vomit all of the water I drank.”


“After that, when the morning came and my wife learned about what I gone through she checked my blood pressure and it resulted to 190/100. Right away she told me to be dressed because we will be going to Dok Alternatibo and she insisted that it should be as soon as possible because life is much precious than money that’s why I was forced to admit here.”


“I started taking 8 capsules and drinking herbal medicines and in the evening they checked my Blood Pressure and it reached up to 220/100. It alarmed me a lot and the staffs were also worried. Friday evening they gave me therapy and on Saturday we were all amazed because my blood pressure came back to normal.”


“From 220/100 it slow down to normal and reach up to 120/80. That’s why today I extremely believe with the herbal medicines of Dok Alternatibo and their way of treatment. Because as I noticed when I was admitted to the hospital before, my blood pressure reached up to 160/90 and stayed there for three (3) weeks and when we went home my blood pressure is still 130/90 while here in Dok Alternatibo my blood pressure becomes normal within just two (2) days.”


“Before, my wife keep on asking me to listen to Dok Alternatibo program and hoped that I will be convinced with the testimonies given by their survivors because my other child wanted me to admit in the hospital, I think twice because the doctor will just keep on reminding us that there is no cure for high blood and the maintenance will be forever.”


“Since there is other way of medication that promised total healing that is why we tried here. My other child visited when I was still admitted here before and he stated that he could see into my face that my health was restored and I told him that it is not the dextrose that could actually cure us. Until 4 to 5 days of natural medication I feel much relief here than in the hospital that is why I realized that my wife was right that money can be earned but life is the most precious one.”


“There is really a big difference from my condition before even for the way I walk, I feel so healthy and much energized in having exercises every day. For those who could read, watch and listen from my testimony especially for those people who have the same condition as mine that doctors keep on telling that there will be no cure anymore DO NOT LOSE HOPE go to Dok Alternatibo or you can get more information from me cause I already gone through their cleansing program.”


“I am so thankful to Dok Alternatibo that it is being used by our GOD as an instrument in inventing and founding natural medicines from our nature. I am PELEJIO UGDAMIN, Sulop, Davao del Sur.”

Hypertension. 300x225 Hypertension   2 Days of Health Restoration Experience

Psoriasis / Skin Disease Testimony

Bob Crandall 300x225 Psoriasis / Skin Disease Testimony

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“I had what they call Psoriasis or skin disorder. I never had that before for 80 years, I think it’s related to the tropical climate being here, I am not really used to the climate. I went to a Dermatologist in Dumaguete and spend a lot of money on pharmaceuticals that didn’t do good.”


“It is much improved more than a couple of months now since I took the Cleansing diet good for 7 days. Every morning I take 1 litre of water with Calmansi (Lemon) and Fulvic Minerals (describing the Dok F logo). I take it quite regularly now and sometimes added to my drink like honey and molasses with the powder b-complex.”


“I never had it before (Psoriasis) maybe for about 15 months I suffered and it is much improved today. My arms they were all reddish before, I had it in my legs as well but it seems like it all goes down, it was worse on my legs but I think it is improving.”


“ I’ve always been an active supporter of alternative medicines. I’m not a very big proponent of western medicines unless it is for surgery or something that is really necessary because 99% of the Doctors at least in the United States and most probably here in the Philippines they don’t know about nutrition because they are only given maybe 6 weeks to 6 months of coursing nutrition out of 8 years of schooling so how can they know anything about it. That’s my opinion.”


“To everyone only try out any Alternative Medicines that you can find these things have done me a lot of good so I recommend that you should give it a try. It’s certainly worth of better health.”


“My name is Bob Crandall and I’m from the Bay Area of Northern California.”

Bob 300x168 Psoriasis / Skin Disease Testimony

Cervical Cancer Survivor

Untitled1 300x225 Cervical Cancer Survivor

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“Before, there were blood discharges from my body and then I was checked up by a Doctor and after 10 days we learned the result and the Doctor wanted me to go back and schedule for operation because I had Cervical Cancer Stage I.”


“But my sister in law came home from Zamboangga and introduced me to Dok Alternatibo. She convinced me not to undergo any operation yet and try Dok Alternatibo healing treatment first. I am also afraid of having an operation too.”


“That is why we went here to try Dok Alternatibo. My sister-in-law told me there was a case in Dipolog where the health was restored from having a thyroid gland cancer who happened to be her classmate before. I went to the hospital last Monday because I already had a referral for admission, I only gave it to the nurse and I told them that I will decide after 1 week. They do not know I am here.”




“After having the cleansing within 7 days here in Dok Alternatibo they told me that I am already well. After 7 days I am very thankful that there is Dok Alternatibo Wellness Center who naturally heal diseases without undergoing any operation.”


“Just like me I was already scheduled for operation but I am here today very alive.  Thank you so much to Dok Alternatibo. Before going here there are so many things I feel about. Like dizziness, many water and blood were coming out from my body caused by the Cervical Cancer. When I already came here in the Wellness Center it disappear gradually and now I could not see any blood and water discharges anymore. I even felt back pain before but right now it’s gone already.”


“For those people who are suffering diseases instead of wasting time going elsewhere do not hesitate to come here in Dok Alternatibo. I already tested their formula and guarantee that we will restore our health.”


“I want to THANK YOU Dok Alternatibo for having this kind of Clinic. Thank you so much to the staff and everyone.

Hassan 300x225 Cervical Cancer Survivor

Asthma Survivor

Untitled 300x225 Asthma Survivor

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“My name is Estrella Arias; a resident of Sta. Maria Bulacan. I went to Dok Alternatibo because I had health issues. I had respiratory problems; I find it difficult to breath at times. I have liver and kidney problems and my blood circulation is not that normal. My body felt numb too. I also thought that I have goiter since I can see thyroid nodules in my neck. I went to have it checked and found out that the result of my executive check up was normal, my thyroid is doing well too. I’m not really sure why I have this.”


“I heard about Dok Alternatibo. I tried the 7 days cleansing, the discomforts that I felt disappeared. I had coughed before I took it. I had asthma .It was really hard for me to catch my breath. I then started taking the 7 day cleansing. Everything went smoothly.  My bowel movement is now normal I can really say that it helped me a lot. I can go now to the restroom in a normal basis. It’s effective and it’s cheap. To those of you who are afraid, please come and try Dok Alternatibo. It’s effective and it’s cheap.”

Estrella 300x225 Asthma Survivor

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

High Blood. 300x225 High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

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“It’s been a long time that I am a diabetic person almost 13 years to count. I was confined last year 1999 because of high blood and sugar, I maintained synthetic medicines for 13 years already but nothing actually happened I just keep on coming back to the Doctor and I observed that my urine was blurred and smells bad, sometimes there are even pus and the Doctor told me that it has a lot of pus because it’s too blurry and it smell so stinky. There are even substances in my urine that maybe it is the indication that I have a problem in my kidney this may led why my eyesight became unclear and the specialist told me that I will be blind soon if my blood sugar will be consistent in becoming high that is why I was truly alarmed.”


“When I heard about DokAlternatibo over the radio it was during the time when I could not sleep well even for two days. I have so many scars in my body because I feel so itchy even in my private part it is so itchy inside even if you’d pour or wash warm water the itch will not subside that is why when I heard from the specialist that I will be blind soon I was really scared and came here and then I started. At first, I just bought coffee (Mix 10 brewed coffee) only 3 pieces because I did not have yet the money for their cleansing program. That 3 sachets I took it for 3 days and during that days I did not take any synthetic medicines for my maintenance I was just observing the effect of the coffee.”


“Before I went toDokAlternatibo my blood sugar was at 357 it decreases to 200 after drinking the coffee only for 3 days. I was really surprised that it was because of the coffee and I told myself that this is really good that is why I went back and undergone their cleansing detox program.”


“After I undergone cleansing my urine becomes clearer it seems like water already, the bad odor and fast palpitation were gone. When I am having my exercise today I could already reach up to 100 pedals in biking compared to 40 pedals before. I really feel better and the blurriness in my eyesight becomes vibrant and my body is much energized unlike before. That is why I am truly amazed here in DokAlternatibo for those who could hear my voice and watch this come here in DokAlternatibo where you could achieve total and natural health restoration.”


“I am Mrs.PaulitoParaiso from Novaliches, 72 years old.”

High Blood video. 300x225 High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Hypertension and Nodules in the Neck Testimony

Nodule2 Hypertension and Nodules in the Neck Testimony

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I am Priscila Leviste I came here in DokAlternatibo Cubao Branch because for the month of September to October 2011 I felt a lot of pains in my body like hypertension that almost every or the whole week I am being confined in the hospital. I already had my thyroid exam and they already examined my eyesight and it resulted to a lot of synthetic medicines that I need to buy.After that, I noticed that I already have nodules in my neck and when I asked the Doctor they asked to me undergo biopsy because within two weeks my nodules sizes from 2cm to 3cm that is why they recommended to go for a bigger hospital.


I tried here in DokAlternatibo as I listened in their radio program in Radio Veritas (radio program in Cubao, Manila). I went here last December 9, 2011 and avail their Cleansing program, I followed all the things they asked me to do and right now I feel so much healthier because the nodules in my neck became smaller, my hypertension lower down and my hyper-acidity is now gone. My health was truly restored here in DokAlternatibo. It changes us a lot even for the lifestyle on how we eat foods we are only taking nutritious foods and already avoiding chemical-based foods. Right now I am really healthy and I even gained weight and feel much more energized in anything that I do unlike before.


That is why I am inviting everyone to try and go the nearest DokAlternatibo Clinic in your place and you will never go wrong in choosing here because DokAlternatibo is only doing greatness. Thank you.

Priscila Video1 Hypertension and Nodules in the Neck Testimony

Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivor

Mam Julia Salamat Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivor

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“Through the Citi scan we have known that I have tumor in my nasopharynx and then the result undergone biopsy there we found out that it was a cancer. The things in my mind when I learned that it was a cancer is that I know Cancer is a deadly disease because I have seen many patients who have suffered from cancer and did not survived.”


“At first, Dok Alternatibo was heard by my Father in Radio Veritas (Radio Station in Cubao, Manila) afterwards they called and my father tried their way of medication first and when I already felt different in my body they convinced me to try it here.”


“I drink only pure herbal medicines and organic foods such as vegetables, fruits that are all naturals and meats are forbidden already. When I used and took the natural formula of Dok Alternatibo I feel much better because at first when I am not yet taking the said natural formula and herbal medicines every time  I am taking synthetic medicines after few days I will be confined in the hospital. On the other hand when I am already taking herbal medicines from Dok Alternatibo I recovered already and the weakness of my body before is now restoring back, I already have my energy to move I could already eat little by little until I could already eat more and from time to time, the color of my skin is now coming back as well. It was burned when I undergone radiation therapy before.”


“Right now I am more energized and healthy, I could already sleep well and I could already make the things that I could not do before. I could already walk alone without the help of other people and my housemates will just serve the food in the table and I could already eat on my own.”


“When I had my check-up again the result of the Citi scan -the tumor is already NEGATIVE.”


“For those who are like me who have serious diseases too I could say that just try to use the alternative medicines of Dok Alternatibo and you will feel better as same as my own experience and look at what happened to me today my CANCER is already GONE.”

Julia Salamat video Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivor