Rejuvenation Program – Jose Perlas


 10521338 1512204552325346 940457218 n 300x241 Rejuvenation Program   Jose Perlas


Health Advocate, DMNH


“First I am very thankful to God for all of the blessings. Secondly of course to our boss, the CEO of the company, Dok Ed thanks to you very much.  Also I would like to thank to the management team and to those who gave their full effort. To my colleagues who were very helpful to facilitate this activity and to all of you here thank you so much.”


“In this kind of activity I became more passionate to perform my job.  I know that I have the knowledge but I still need more opinion from the management team. I realized now that I need to become more open minded. Now I think wider.”


“I need to give an action for the entire plan in my life and in the wellness center I am now managing. Every one of us in the center must always desire to have higher sales not only double but triple. We must desire not only for our center but for all the centers here in Dok Alternatibo all over the country. We do it not only for ourselves but for the company.”


“We can do nothing without God.

 Once again I would like to thank again Dok Ed and his family and for all of us here because we are now united for the success of this activity.”


Rejuvenation Program – Mary Ann Babao

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Health Advocate, DMNH


“Like what others said, I am also very thankful to God for the gift of life, security and safety. Secondly of course to Dok Ed and all his family with the management team thank you very much!”


“When I was informed regarding this program I wasn’t interested at first. It’s not the perfect timing for me because the holy week is coming. However, I believe that Dok Ed will not going to organize and plan this acitivity for us if we can get nothing. Therefore I came to join. Today, supposedly we have a family gathering but I sacrificed.”


“Here, we were informed regarding the physical, emotional, mental and financial rejuvenation program.  I was just hoping that when the program starts I can learn good things that can be applied to me. First I focus on the programs that we did. Physically we had a lot of experience like cleansing. That was the first time I experienced during three days of rejuvenation program here.  We always prescribed our customers to undergo cleansing in clinic. Now I realized that it’s not easy to become a patient because you need to avoid the desire food that you want. It was very difficult to our part because it’s our first time. Like me I always eat 2 order of rice for every lunch and dinner.”


“Regarding the activities that we did, my favorite part was jogging together. It’s so good to have an occurrence like that because it’s very rare for us to have bonding together. I’m so happy and I felt really relieved because we were united even for a little time.”


“Regarding mentally, we learnt new ideas the things that we need to do. In our branch in Lipa sometimes I am stagnant.  I am now thinking how to improve myself.  Sometimes if we are not busy in clinic we visualize the improvement. We focus on health and sales. I felt that there’s something was lacking. I really wanted to improve myself. Rejuvenation program was excellent as what Dok Joey told a while ago that our small idea will become great idea. That’s what we need here.”


“In emotional aspect according to ma’am Mitch that if we are having personal problem we should not bring it with you wherever you may go. Every one of us has different problems, right?  Even if we leave our problems and hardship in our home it’s really inevitable because we’re only human. Being a part of this program, the videos that we watched regarding inspirational talk especially the movie courageous was really amazing and heartbreaking videos.”


“I remember a lot of things and I realized that I have a lot of blessings but I did not appreciate them yet. I am very happy that I am a part of Dok Alternatibo.  Not in all kinds of jobs that we can experience this kind of activity.”


“Before working here in Dok Alternatibo although there’s lot of companies that I can join if I really want to. On the other hand I am here, even if you have a big salary in other company but you’re not happy it’s useless.”


“I finished 3 contracts already here but sometimes I was thinking to leave my job and find another one but I decided to stay here because I am happy here. In Lipa I became happier because I am near with my family, my friends. They admire me and I served as their inspiration.”


“Speaking before the people makes me tense because I am not yet confident. At least now I’m able to develop myself and learned. It feels so good that I am here. I learned a lot of things. I know the job is not easy; the first time I work here I was assigned in Tarlac. I really don’t know where Tarlac was during that time. Of course I am worried because I do not know anyone there yet. But I need a job that is why I grabbed it.” 

Rejuvenation Program – Ma. Lourdes Nuñez

MA LOURDES NUÑEZ 300x300 Rejuvenation Program   Ma. Lourdes Nuñez
Health Advocate / DMNH

“I am so blessed with magnificent blessings.  I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am right now. When I started to apply, I prayed to God if this kind of job is really for me. During that time I was interested to apply in two companies. However I did not expected in Dok Alternatibo because it’s not related in my past experiences which is in restaurant management but I’m here right now and I did not expected before that I will love Dok Alternatibo.”


“My second child, a boy has an enlargement of the scrotal sac. I was looking for alternative medicines because I was so scared for the operation of my child. My neighbor’s child also had the same problem with my son but the child had undergone three times of operation already, as a result he became sterile. So as a mother I am afraid for that to happen to my son too.”


“My mother has a friend which is a member of Dok Alternatibo. She convinced me to try to apply in  Dok Alternatibo. During that time all my pictures had gone already the only one left was my resume’ and my 1 piece one by one picture. I already applied to different companies in Puerto Princessa but then one day I was thinking to pass by at Dok Alternatibo clinic. I talked to Dok Junrel Bitang, I asked him if they are still hiring because I wanted to apply. He replied that they are still hiring but they need someone who is willing to be assigned in other places and if I’m willing I need to come back the following day for the training. I told him that I am willing to be assigned in other places and willing to be trained too.”


“So I came back the next day for training but still I’m praying if Dok Alternatibo is really for me because my flight was always postponed. I was confused, I didn’t know if I can train in Davao, Cebu or in other places.  I just continue to pray if Dok Alternatibo is really for me. If I am already assigned in other places, meaning God allowed me to work here and let me give time for myself.”


“Actually I am a very hardworking person, I have store in my home and barbecue during at night. I did a lot of things just to earn and help my family. I grew up with fear to God. Any difficulties that I had experience from the past I relied all to God. I am very thankful to God that I have a new family here. I am so blessed that I am here. Thank you so much Dok Ed, Ma’am Angel and Dok Winston.”


“I need to be strong especially now that I have the responsibility. I’m handling one of the branches and I am doing my best. I dream a lot and I learned not to think the loneliness. I always think the happiness. Courageous Movie really inspired me. Their characters had also suffered a lot but still they become a blessing to others. I know I can do it to be a blessing to others too and all of us are blessings. I absorbed all the things that I learned from here. Put it in my mind and in my heart.  By God’s grace I am now excited to share my knowledge to everybody. Every week I am conducting a meeting and we talked a lot for new ideas and I am very happy because I can see the changes. The management appreciated them therefore I am very happy for them.”


“So thank you very much to Dok Ed, Dok Winston and Ma’am Angel and to all of you. Thank you very much. I believe that even though there’s a great plan but we don’t give action to the plan it’s all useless. We need to do hard work with determination. All of us live in one roof with different branches but our father and mentor is only Dok Ed. So we should unite because we are only one team.”


“We become stronger if we work together. Thank you very much!”

Rejuvenation Program – Malou Gonzales


 Dok Malou 300x225 Rejuvenation Program   Malou Gonzales


Health Advocate / DMNH

“First of all, I am very thankful to God next is to Dok Ed with all his family and to all of you who are here thank you very much. For the first time in my life I experienced to attend a rejuvenation seminar, only here in Dok Alternatibo. Although I already had past experiences in work but I did not experience the good things that I have encounter here. It is really good to be here.”


“When I experienced the rejuvenation program for almost 3 days it was really different and a very good experience. Unlike in clinic we always feel pressure especially if we have special clients and they don’t want to follow instruction but here in rejuvenation seminar we felt so relaxing from head to foot. We always encourage our patients to follow instructions in the wellness center.”


“The rejuvenation seminar for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual including all our colleagues that unite with us I am very thankful because of that good VIP treatment which made me feel wealthy.”


“Sometimes, it is inevitable to become emotional because of total happiness especially if we heard encouraging words, of course all of us don’t hear like this every day and even before. We really internalize the message and you can’t avoid the tears that will come out. However, you can get the good message for yourself to change your mentality.”


“Concerning our activities, it was really fun. During cleansing I really enjoy the benefits. The bad odor inside my body came out and I felt so light because I was clean internally. Overall, it was really a very beautiful experience and I hope everybody will experience like what we had. We were cleansed not only physically, mentally but as a whole too. We are able to open our minds by the learning that we gain so much from this rejuvenation program.”


“Before, I know that I am good but I realize after the rejuvenation that my goodness was not enough. We really learn a lot by joining this rejuvenation program. That will be all and thank you very much to all of you!.”

Rejuvenation Program – Harold Forcadilla

10521499 1510256029186865 1255986519 n 300x247 Rejuvenation Program   Harold Forcadilla



Distribution Officer


“Honestly, before I was not yet working here in Dok Alternatibo I had an ailment. I believe that most of our illnesses today are cause to the common food that we eat. I heard from the radio of Dok Alternatibo that the chemicals in our food today are hazardous and the drugs now are mostly synthetic. Most people like to take synthetic drugs. I had an arthritis before which is a very common illness.”


“I voluntarily present myself to do this testimony so that other people here in Cagayan de Oro will know.”


“Before, it was very easy for me to acquire illness because of the unhealthy food that I use to eat. If I compare today where I am more disciplined already, the natural and healthy food is just in our surroundings. I am now happy because I attended the rejuvenation program seminar although I’m already working here in Dok Alternatibo.”


“This is the first time that it ever happened here in Dok Alternatibo. Thus  it encourages me and challenges me not only in physical needs but also emotional and financial problems. In spiritual I don’t have any problem because I am serving God in my life already. But though I am already serving God I still needed to gain knowledge and understand the secret that we should plant so that we can harvest and we should share also our knowledge to others too.”


“I am very thankful to Dok Alternatibo because they gave me a chance to apply in my life the secret for my desires; by saying thanks to God because he is the one who made us all our strength and knowledge. Everything came from God. I also need to practice myself. We had a mentality to always ask something to others. We need to change that mentality.  We should share the things that we had but it’s not proper to give those people who always ask because that makes them lazy. If we give them then it must have a purpose and educate them to change their mentality.”


“By attending the rejuvenation seminar, it really helped and improved my awareness.  There are lots of inputs like positive mindset and knowledgeable things that I learned. I had a carnal mind before, stressful and lonely. All these things can produce diseases.”


“I heard over the radio about hormonal imbalance. There are hormones for positive mindset and negative mindset. If I join the negative hormones it will give ailments to our body however the positive way will give the encouragement.”


“That’s why I’m very thankful for the rejuvenation seminar because it really gives a motivational value in my life. Although I already experience in other part of motivational seminar in Christianity, coaching and workshop, I still feel the blessings that I had with the additional knowledge and wisdom that I learn through motivational seminar-   Dok Ed. I am very thankful to Dok Ed for being an instrument in my life now. I must absolutely share my knowledge to other people too.”


“To all listeners, viewers & readers my brothers and sisters don’t hesitate to attend the coaching seminar by the Multi-Awarded Frlipino Inventor – Dok Edgar Delibo, DMAM. This happened twice a year all over the Philippines in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. You can visit the wellness center of Dok Alternatibo near to your place for more information regarding the said seminar.”


“I am Harold Forcadilla, 40 years old from Patag, Cagayan De Oro City. I am working here in Dok Alternatibo Corporation as a Senior Distribution Officer to a lot of stores here in Cagayan De Oro City.”

Rejuvenation Program – Grace Emperado (DMNH)

 MP1 233x300 Rejuvenation Program   Grace Emperado (DMNH)


Health Advocate – DMNH

 “First of all I am very thankful most especially to our almighty God for the good life that he provided to each one of us. So, thank you Lord for the life that we have right now”.


“Second, I am very thankful of course to Dok Ed and his family. Thank you very much Dok and also to the management team, thank you so much and of course to all of you, thank you very much for the opportunity and trust that you gave to us.”


“I am overwhelmed with joy, I am so happy. I am hoping that all the things that we learned from here must be applied to ourselves. We must know and understand the goals in our life, if you want to become successful.”


“Determination is very important, courage to plan and action. We should put not only in our minds but also in our hearts then share to other people too.”


“Thank you very much and please give a big round of applause to Dok Ed. Thank you so much Dok for all the knowledge that you shared to us and for all the learning that we acquired”.


“I know that all the skills that we acquired and learned from here should also be shared to everybody. Whether he is young or old we must treat everyone evenly.”


“Wherever we go we must share our skills and knowledge that we learned from here in Dok alternatibo. Thank you very much.”

Rejuvenation Program – Adonis (Distribution Officer)

DSC 1165 211x300 Rejuvenation Program   Adonis (Distribution Officer)


Distribution Officer

Health Advocate


Ang laki ng naitulong ng programang ito sa akin at nagpapasalamat ako dahil minsan ay may mga bagay na ginagawa lang natin at hindi natin alam na darating yung time na sa loob lamang ng tatlong araw na “Rejuvenation Program” dito mo mapagtatanto na meron ka palang dapat gawin at meron ka ring  kakulangan. May mga nagawa ka na sinasadya mo at minsan di mo  sinasadya  doon sa mga kasamahan mo ring empleyado.


Hinahamon ko ang kapwa ko empleyado na pwede tayong lahat ay makasali sa ganitong programa na inaalok ng Dok Alternatibo. Itong tatlong araw na Programa ay malaking gantimpala ito sa mga empleyado. Malaki ang maitutulong kasi marerelaks ka at panibagong umpisa sa buhay mo ang iyong mapagtatanto.


Maraming-maraming salamat sa lahat ng taong nasa likod ng programang ito!



Rejuvenation Program – Wennie

DSC 1136 300x279 Rejuvenation Program   Wennie


Prime Hotel Supervisor

“It enlightened my mind and it also gave me an inspiration. With the positive mindset I repetitively watched the video of Bo Sanchez and I enjoy watching it.”


“It is much better to always watch the video again and again so that you can absorb it quickly. Because if we are positive minded we don’t envy for anything easily and we have confidence to enjoy our lives and at the same time we will enjoy our job too.”

Rejuvenation Program – Diverlyn

DSC 1148 200x300 Rejuvenation Program   Diverlyn


Wellness Counselor



“Actually rejuvenation is something to change you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Pastor shared (Bo Sanchez) I really absorbed the video and I write down notes because I’ve learned a lot of things from him. My vision was opened when it comes to positive mindset from the video that we watched. We have a lot of discouragement however that is the only a part of us as an employee that may came from our previous experiences that may served as the main reason why Dok Ed advised us to experienced this kind of rejuvenation.”


“My vision when it comes to work became huge. We shouldn’t limit the capacity that we have. If God is really putting you in such a calling you could have that guide. Just try to experience the rejuvenation because it’s been so relaxing even the food is very delicious I really love to stay.  It’s really a privilege for me to be a part of this rejuvenation program, thank you so much!”

Paramedical Practitioner to Alternative Medicines Believer

Lilia 300x218 Paramedical Practitioner to Alternative Medicines Believer

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“Since I was young I already had an enlargement of the heart.  Afterwards, I did not notice my illness because of my lifestyle and food habits my cholesterol went high and because of that certain cholesterol, my sugar level went high too. Every time I visited the doctor for consultation, they’d prescribed me additional medicines because another condition went higher which was not normal anymore.  My laboratory test result to higher condition from time to time therefore another prescription they had to prescribe for me by the Doctor which was too much to spend.”


“In the morning, there were 5 kinds of medicines, in the afternoon 4 kinds and in the evening 5 kinds too. So the things happened to me while frequently taking synthetic medicines I gained weight. So my friends recognized me as a chubby person.”


“Because of my diabetes, all over my body became so itchy. I had a lot of scars on my legs because I scratched it so deeply. The scars were black. It was so itchy including the back part of my body. They told me that my back became color black already due to the scar that I had scratched so deeply, I scratched it because it was so itchy.”


“One day I went to Dok Alternatibo but during that time I don’t have any idea about Dok Alternatibo yet. I am a member of a community in our place in San Mateo. My members were aware that I suffered too much. They prayed for me that someday I’ll be acquainted with Dok Alternatibo. Because when I was introduced with Dok Alternatibo, I did not believe at first. I belong into a Para medical profession. I am a medical technologist. So it’s really hard for me to believe about Herbal medicines that can relieve diseases. I was not enlightened about herbal drugs.”


“One day because of their prayers I was convinced to come with my members to visit Dok Alternabo healing seminar. That was year 2012 2nd Wednesday of the month of March. During the seminar I was enlightened about the herbal and the cosmetics.”


“When I undergone cleansing I turn out to be slim. I stop taking my medications from my Doctor’s prescriptions and I became strong. You know, it’s really true that when I interviewed over the radio, first of all my hair was all white before due to stress. I also had a lot of problems. It is really true that when I started using “Scalp Care” and Shampoo (Natural Shine Shampoo) they noticed that my hair became blond. They thought that I had colored my hair.”


“When I knew about Dok Alternatibo I am not using anything for my hair and even for my face (other products). Before, I had a lot of freckles because I use a lot of chemicals for my face. Now, I don’t have freckles anymore. They keep on telling me that I am blooming. I said ‘Thanks God, they no longer tell me that I looked sick’.”

“I really believe in Dok Alternatibo because only here where my health was restored. It’s been two years already that I don’t have any medicinal maintenance for my illness. That’s why I am always praying to God that the advocacy of Dok Alternatibo will continue so that it can help more people. You will never spend too much. I am very thankful to God because he guides me in the right path so that I can discover the right way in restoring my health from sickness; emotional and spiritual. I only acquired all these things here in Dok Alternatibo through the award winning inventor, Dok Edgar Delibo.”


“I am Lilia Jose, 62 years old from San Mateo, Rizal.”

Lilia Jose 300x218 Paramedical Practitioner to Alternative Medicines Believer