Health Advocate – Businessman

“I am a businessman. In my everyday’s schedule, every morning I used to drive my motorcycle that is why I’m having a pain in my body especially in my back. I used to encounter hot and humid weather every day in the road.”

“When I heard over the radio about Dok Alternatibo, I immediately came over here at the clinic then I bought the products called “HAPLUS” I felt the sudden relieved from my body pain.”

“I have learned so many things in the rejuvenation seminar; it is not just for the promotion of their products but also it is more on the spiritual aspect of our lives. It does not mean that we are poor we will remain poor because we still have the chance to progress.”

“For those who did not attend yet the seminar, I am inviting you all to join so that you will be educated by Dok Ed. We realized that there still a chance for the poor to become successful in life. I am transformed now one hundred percent.”

“To all my friends and to all those people who will become my friends in the future, I am inviting you all to come and attend the rejuvenation seminar so that you will also witness and experience the good opportunity and motivation in your life here.”

“I believe that every one of us had a dream to become wealthy. Probably this is your time, so don’t hesitate to go here in Dok Alternatibo and attend the rejuvenation seminar.”

I am Rodel Montecillo, 32 years old from Buloa Phase 3