smile good luck

 By: Dok Edgar L. Delibo (Dok Alternatibo President/CEO)

The chain of luck or misfortune has a cycle. This is the cycle: Happiness is the key for you to become successful, thus the key to success is happiness. The starting point of your success is happiness. Do you want to become lucky? This is the secret.

Second, you have to copy lucky people. You need to find a person who is happy, copy that person and you will be successful. Don’t associate with people who are frustrated, because you will become unlucky. Try to experience by selling products when you are frustrated and sad, is there somebody who will buy your product? Try to find a job while you are frustrated, you will not be accepted by that company you are applying with. There are a lot of people who applied for a job at DOK ALTERNATIBO in the past months. I observe that out of 15 in the first interview, only 1 qualified and in the second interview of 30, only 5 qualified.

Do you know what was the first thing that I observed from those applicants? Their faces. Only people with happy faces and smiles join Dok Alternatibo. When you are always frustrated and sad, you failed. Third, when I asked them of their most painful experience in life, they easily cried and because of that they failed. Why? They were not just frustrated but also they were not deep. Those the people will not become successful because if they face problems, they easily backed out because of the wrong emotion. 

Observe your family, your husband and wife, your father and mother; are they happy or frustrated? If they are happy, surely they are lucky. Are you happy? Somebody told me that they are happy sometimes if they have reason to be happy then they will be happy. Others even faked their happiness just to magnet luck and success.

Be happy, be successful. Be an inspiration.

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