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“I will start from the beginning I have suffered from my illness for a long time. It started when I was still 15 years old until I reached the age of 19 where I undergone Raspa but since it came back when I reached the age of 36 I undergone the same procedure again.”

“My medical doctor found out that there are actually three gobs in my mattress that may lead to Cancer because those were actually cysts. They told me that I need to remove my mattress at the age of forty (40) for my own benefit. But there is still no assurance of my total recovery after the operation according to them that is why I did not return because I was thinking that it will just be the same. I was 36 years old way back then.”

“I did not consult anyone after those findings they had for me. Until my condition become severe last November 2012 where I actually become bed ridden and my relatives were just serving my needs since my body could not bear anymore the pain and it lasted to December until June this year where I rarely eat, drink, dispose waste and urinate. I could not even sleep well. There were so many temptations that hinder us to go here because they keep on telling that there is still no definite result for my health.”

“I told my relatives that if they’re going to bring me to the place where I will be operated mostly likely there is still no assurance for my recovery. I told them that I have heard something from the radio through the initiative of my children since they keep on listening to the FM station of Dok Alternatibo and they want me to undergo their natural way of healing and I stand firmly that they should not bring me to the place where someone may operate me.”

“Our Carabao that used to be the source of our income was sold because of my condition and we firmly believe that life is much important than anything else in this world.”

“When we came here in Dok Alternatibo I was so weak they want to give me a special treatment because of my current condition and they notice that I am really facing a difficult situation.”

“The first time I intake the products I could really feel relief. It was on Monday in the afternoon when I started and the next day I already feel recovery with the pain I feel inside. Wednesday morning when I took a bath because I could not feel pain anymore thanks God but my tummy is still heavy then but it gave me a big relief already.”

“When other saw me after my 7 days natural medication they can’t believe that I undergone complicated disease before because they could notice the big difference in y looks.”

“If God will give a miracle people will truly be amazed. Even before I am already listening as far as I know Dok Alternatibo is still a new company cause if only my Father is still alive he may not be dead today. We prove that there is truly Edgar Delibo, sometimes people will believe solely but sometime not because we are only human but as I submitted myself here I notice that this is really the truth because I never really wanted chemical medicines to take for my illness.”  

“Everyone can recover here if you believe in God and Jesus Christ. If not, it will not be given unto you. You just really need to follow their program and only intake what they prescribed. You cannot recover if you will not call our Creator. Through Dok Ed, he was an instrument to spread the good news in using herbal with the words of God.”

“For those who doubt and now suffering from complicated diseases you should not lose your hope as long as you believe in God, Dok Alternatibo is an instrument.”

“I am Warlita Aredidon, from Tagbungan JP Laurel, Saranggani Province my age now is 60.”