Before & After

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“Before I came here in Dok Alternatibo I used to have tumor but after my check-up and undergone many tests such as ultra sound they found out that I have a Cervical Cancer in stage 3B. I undergone right away chemo therapy for 6 sessions and surgery too where they remove my uterus.”

“After having my chemo therapy I still did not experienced total recovery then my Doctor told me “sorry” that is why I feel so hopeless. Then my Doctor told me to undergo chemo therapy once again because the cancer cells reached already up to my liver. It became metastatic liver disease and it was already on Stage 4 since it also reached my lungs and liver. Then it became more complicated.”

“After that, my Doctor told me to repeat the chemo therapy but I was hesitant already because I already knew what happened after taking it that is why I refused the offer and told the Doctor that I will just find alternative way of recovery. Then I came here in Dok Alternatibo because of my situation of being hopeless. I tried the other healing treatment and I met many friends along the way that gave me HOPE and they encouraged me to try here in Dok Alternatibo because they heard about it from their other friends too.”

“I attended first the seminars and I was convinced already and believed them for 100% even if I did not take yet their natural medicines maybe because I have no other choice at all and I trust them fully. After that I came back here and took their cleansing program those seven days of detoxification.”

“For seven days of cleansing even after four days I could already feel recovery in my body where I feel lighter and the unwanted waste in my body disappeared that was the first time I experienced that kind of feeling.”

“During the seven days of my cleansing I could already sleep actually even during the four days I already felt the complete recovery that it seem like my hope already came true. After one week I came back because there are still treatments that I need to continue but that treatment is what we called nutritional treatment since when our body was already cleansed the next step is to gain nutritional lifestyle to help you recover totally.”    

“Maybe for those who already saw me they could really notice a big difference and even for myself I could say that before I used to be weak but now I am already selling mix10 coffee, H.A-plus and any other products that were given privileged of Dok Alternatibo for their livelihood program.”

“On my own opinion my health complaint will truly come back if I will not follow their formula.”

“To all not just here in the Philippines but to all who could hear and watch this, whatever may be your race if you want to gain healthy body Dok Alternatibo is the suitable company that will show the gifts of full recovery not just for your body because they will also provide business through their livelihood program and they will encouraged you to strengthen more your relationship to GOD and that is the most important.”

“To Dok Alternatibo especially to Dok Ed that used to be an instrument and serves as my hero because he opposed to our usual knowledge example to that is the breakfast. We are trained that breakfast is the most important meal in a day but here in Dok Alternatibo it is the opposite thing lunch is the most important meal instead of breakfast. Dok Ed opposed many more other medical learning and stands for it.”

Dok Alternatibo opposed that is why Dok Ed became a hero to me because he sacrificed his life for this advocacy and he was not afraid to stand firmly that is why he is a modern hero for me.”

“To Dok Ed no word could tell for my gratefulness, you were used as an instrument by God.”

“I would like to say thank you also to all Dok Alternatibo Staff to their DMNH and even for other survivors because I learned to mingle more.”

“I am Herminia Montellano originated from Zamboangga del Norte and currently residing in Pahak, Lapu-Lapu City, 37 years old.”