For the benefit of uniting the modern technology and the natural way of treating diseases, Dok Alternatibo “The Expert in Alternative Medicine” launched its newest way of examining the health status of its clients nationwide introducing the – Human Body Composition and Monitoring Machine or also known as CHAC Machine.

The CHAC Machine was imported from other country and Dok Alternatibo is the exclusive retailer here in the Philippines. With the use of this machine we could now easily determine and measure the quantity of fats, minerals, muscles, water to our body. It automatically gives recommendation after reading and analyzing the body disposition of a certain person through a printout report. From the four mentioned body composition that it measures it highlight the importance of proper balance of water, protein, fats and inorganic parts to our body enable to attain healthy living.

After giving recommendation it automatically give report that no one could actually amend. The only data needed is the basic detail from the employee such as complete name, age, height and gender. The good thing about this device is that you can easily print your result and compare from the previous outcome. We could now easily calculate the physical status of our figure. Aside from measuring and giving recommendation it can detect as well the future safety measure of our current body disposition.

Perfect body should not only mean shape, more importantly is the energy and charm glowing from the healthy balance that comes from within. In the mainstream of cure-oriented Western medicine era, many diseases are discovered only after obvious clinical symptoms, and then the treatment is often too late. In fact, our body itself is the most sensitive alarm, a time when any exception occurs, the body balance of the various components will be broken, which is healthy warning signal.

You should “Know Yourself”. Knowing yourself is the most important tool and mastering the changes of physical health is a good thing for a modern living. Our body composition is fixed but the proportion is not constant. As we all know human body is an organic as a whole. Through the analysis of the CHAC Machine we can now easily identify what is happening inside our body.

The modern technology and science for natural health if utilized properly could actually attain success in helping other people all over the world who are now suffering from different types of degenerative diseases brought by unhealthy lifestyle.

For this another venture taken by Dok Alternatibo we could not deny the fact that Alternative Medicine is now pushing more and now fighting back the right of everyone in attaining healthy and prosperous community through natural way of living. It’s time to start a new healthy lifestyle through naturally processed foods brought by organic farming. It’s not yet too late for all of us. It’s time to claim our right for a healthy living and free ourselves from opportunist institutions that the only intention is to establish business and fool people and make our body as the source of their income.

Come and join the advocacy of Dok Alternatibo and let the CHAC Machine become your most faithful and private fitness consultant. The CHAC Machine of Dok Alternatibo is now available to all Dok Alternatibo Outlets nationwide. “Know Yourself” and be one of us.