“I am Rosario Eola, 78 years old of Igbaras, Iloilo. Our aim of getting straight to Dok Alternatibo Cubao is to buy Multi-purpose juicer. We had a small talk with Dok Algy Bacla (Doctor of Ministry in Natural Healing) and I told him everything (in details) regarding my health condition. He advised me to undergo wellness program before I start taking juices. After having a nice chat with Dok Algy, we went home talked with the family and we unanimously decided to make a quick turn. Hence, we hastily get back to Dok Alternatibo Wellness Center in Cubao on that same day.”

“In the past, I often felt chest pain and difficulty of breathing. There was also something strange within my tummy and I remember the feeling it was like puncturing needles inside me. But now, believe it or not I never had those kinds of feelings that I used to feel before. I often experienced uneasiness & heavy stomach but after I took the cleansing program I can now easily move with peace of mind. I’m glad of the result and I am happy.”

“In my case, there was no definite drug/s I could buy outside, which is prescribed by a doctor. This is the reason why I cling to Dok Alternatibo and today I can attest that indeed, I feel better compared before. Right after here (wellness session) I will tell my family, neighbors and friends to go and try Dok Alternatibo. The ambiance is excellent, the accommodation is perfect and the personnel in-charge are well groomed, pretty, well trained and with right attitude. They are all professionals.”