sir clo


PBN Chief Operating Officer


“I feel refresh now. My body is so light despite that I look so big.”

“Emotionally relieved and psychologically revived also. A very extraordinary experience for me, I never expected that it will end this way. We knew the flow already. We planned the flow actually but I never expected that it could end this way.”

“I feel so great and I am very grateful to Dok Ed and Madam Neng for this wonderful experience. My favorite activity actually we’re lying down and watching movies and unconsciously you become healed, sleep then you wake up and watched again inspirational movie from successful people and smile again. It was such a good experience. That’s my favorite portion, lying down the room for many hours.”

“I recovered all my energy that was lost during work and now ready for another challenges.”

“To all the organizers: Roland, Jonica, Niknok, Claire, my staff and to all other staffs in the Hotel, Restaurant and to everybody who got involved in this program I am very thankful to all of you for your sincerity and sharing your time with us. It’s not easy to be a part of a team. I had been with you it’s not easy and thank you for your skills that you shared.”

“And for Dok Ed thank you very much. I already had written and I was touched with the movies that I watched. It made me cry. I called up the front officer to bring me 5 pieces of bond paper and a ball pen too.”

“I’ve written everything that I had experience to express and gave it to Dok Ed yesterday so I thank him already and to Madam Neng and of course to the management team for this opportunity.”

“I told you that I calculated the cost for my expenses and it really reaches seventy four thousand and five hundred pesos. So it’s a great privileged for my part and I really thank them for considering me to be a part of this. Thank you all and God will bless you more!”