Heart Enlargement

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“I once had a colon cancer. My doctor cut out 14 inches of my large intestine and another 14 inches of my small intestine; that was 1989 meaning from that date I maintained taking drugs. Before I had my major operation for colon problem, I was diagnosed of having an enlargement of the heart. So, a heart surgery has came before I undergone another major operation for colon cancer. They put some stuff nearest to my heart to protect the tubes (going to my heart) for a possible abrasion passing through my veins here (pointing to her left bicep). I need to maintain drugs since that time. Again, my colon problem came back to me and I remember I was diagnosed of having a fatty liver, which I suspected it was the effect of my maintaining synthetics drugs.”

“On the other hand, everything that has been told to me by the in-house Doctor of Dok Alternatibo I followed them faithfully. Today, I never experienced swollen tummy maybe because my spleen was bloated. Sometimes, I uttered a sigh or even shouted of extreme pain and I can’t help but to cry because of too much pain. I could not even describe in words; it was really painful.”

“In my Dok Alternatibo experience, particularly today the pain I once crying for had gone already. That was the first thing I felt. I have a feeling today that my intestines were cleansed. I can tell it by merely looking at my stool; those are clear evidence. I’m done with my seven (7) days cleansing program and now I am on my second week and going onwards for my nutritional therapy. Within this short span of time with Dok Alternatibo I can notice the total improvements with my health. No doubt, Dok alternatibo’s natural and alternative way of healing is excellent. I am not kidding; Dok Alternatibo formula is indeed effective.”

“I am Celeste Yanson, presently residing in Metro Manila. Currently, I worked as a cook in Makati.”