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“Before I discovered the Dok Alternatibo, I am more than 20 years suffering with my colon, my bowel movement was abnormal and my other organs have affected; my kidney, my liver and also my heart. I’ve been to hospital and was stroked 3 times; the last time I was stroked was last May 2012. My aorta was already clogged that time.”

“I was so hopeless. I was praying everyday and I ask God that He may extend my life. I can’t sleep at night. I am always listening to radio during 3 o’clock in the morning, one morning when I turned on the radio I heard the Dok Alternatibo. I listened to the testimonies of many survivors and was challenged, so I went to Dok Alternatibo and take the cleansing program.”

“I undergone the cleansing formula for 15 days but early at my second day of cleansing I already got findings, the stocked dirt on my colon was terminated. I finished the program and I recovered specially by the Fulvic Mineral.”

“I thank God for His instrument- Dok Ed Delibo in healing people who are hopeless.”