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“I have many health complaints, before I could not walk on my own; I used to have sore throat & gob in my stomach. I am out of my breath quickly when I am standing until such time I am not walking properly already. I’ve been to many hospitals for check up and consultation, I’ve been to Tanawan to San Pablo and seek for total recovery but they just require me to have X-rays I even went to PGH because of financial reason still nothing happened they keep on recommending me expensive medicines but still I am not recovering.”

“Until one evening we were relaxing together with my husband in our house while listening music over the radio where next to that is the radio program of Dok Alternatibo, I rapidly find ways to have some money enable to go to Lucena since they do not have outlet here in Lipa yet. I took the Combo Pack Cleansing Program and tried their way of treatment.  Until I reach One (1) week I feel much better since I could already walk on my own when I was experiencing the healing crisis I was scared but later on I realized it was not really that hard to surpass.”

“Until now I still buy Fulvic Minerals because it is out energy provider specially when we are from our business venture and feel so tired we just drink Fulvic Minerals together with Honey since year 2009.”

“It gives me so much benefit since I took the cleansing last August 2009 and choose to cut it on November of the same year, in God’s grace even up to now I still feel so healthy, only seasonal sickness just like cold is what I am experiencing but it will just gone right away because I already have natural remedies.”

“Their Livelihood Program is also good, before it used to have rebates I am shock sometimes when I’m able to withdraw money and I am still using it to buy other products of Dok Alternatibo. Until now my clients are coming to me I do not need to please them anymore. The most marketable products for me are the Haplus & Mix10. It seems like Mix10 is on the top because for the elder it is what they keep on asking from me.”

“For those who did not try yet the products of Dok Alternatibo who also have health complaint and do not know what medicines they need to take enable to recover. Come here because the consultation is for FREE and I guarantee they will recover here just like me.”

“I am very thankful together with my family and friends for a reason that Dok Alternatibo because it changed our lives. Life without illness is such a wonderful life. Special thank you to Dok Ed for he invented all of this with the wisdom given by the Almighty Father and  he’s able to help people who could not afford to be admitted in the highly maintained hospitals.”

“I am Wilma Dadivas, 59 years old, living in Pingasabaan, Rosario, Batangas.”