Your community is hard-headed? Find ways to force them to remain in their houses but not through physical force, do you want to know how to do that? We have the right answer for you.

Garlic is the very first solution for that thus it has 8 impacts to you!

1. The virus will be dead just before it enters our respiratory system if we constantly consume garlic due to its antiviral properties like sulfur and allicin.

2. If the virus already infected inside your body, the sulfur in garlic kills them immediately because these microorganisms will be poisoned by the strong odor of the garlic but our body will not be affected just the virus.

3. The problem with social distancing will be resolved since the foul smell that is released by our mouth and body will make the person move away from you even more than the required distance.

4. If you will eat garlic, you won’t also dare to go out due to social embarrassment.

5. If eating garlic is mandatory, we will win over the virus. Your body will also be good from its other benefits, you will be good with your job. 

6. Plus, the maker of the drugs won’t be rich because the farmers and sellers of garlic will benefit from it. 

7. We will be saved from great depression that is worse than what happened last 1929. Depression is the great consequences we will face with this compulsory home quarantine ( think about it). 

8. If the compulsary home quarantine will stop, the people will still not go out because they are too embarrassed. Even in our beliefs, ghosts are afraid of garlic, I guess everyone knew about that. 

So, what are you waiting for? Eat that garlic and be saved from this CORONAVIRUS DISEASE.

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