One of the secrets behind Singapore’s economic greatness was Lee Kuan Yew’s push for innovations and creativity. To be able to design and maintain such a remarkable nation was just great leadership. What is not, should never be in Singapore. Can we not do it in the Philippines? Of course we can. The Aquino administration is on those directions, but it is not an easy task for the president. Leadership is neither just compliance nor that easy, it is a vocation.

Speaking of creativity, I tried to recall the inventors of this country, where are these special and gifted people now? I simply can’t help but connect Filipino inventors when I met words like creativity and innovations. Of course, it is not its objective meaning. I have friends within Davao Inventors Association (DIA) and observing some of their conversations, I was able to take note some points which caught my attention. Some of which include the fact that these inventors had some difficulttime getting the support of government like availing the mandated tax exemptions and less priority over concerns regarding to inventors and inventions and the lack of financial support to them. My friend asked me, so how would you sum-up your points? I said FAILURE. Failure does not mean OVER. With the exceptional political will of the PNOY Presidency right now, I feel very POSITIVE that things will just go smoothly.

In the succeeding issues, I’ll be presenting the deeper investigation on the Filipino inventors’ plight to present both sides of the issue.

Henceforth, our discussions of the creativity and innovations issue must be taken extra focus should we wish to start to leap for development. Let’s go back to basic. Government and private sectors should rally behind innovations. The people must be awakened that creativity and innovations are just great and these are vital to success of anyundertakings of man.

Let’s start right if we wish to have it right. Should we wish that everything will just be right, in all opportunities, vote for the right people, work on the right tasks, deal with right attitude, study with right  mindset and pray. Prayer is always right.

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Do not limit yourselves to conventional education, AIM high. Create and innovate. Follow with this column for more.