The first-ever therapeutic pools can be experienced in South Davao, City of Digos. Wrinkled, acne-covered and dry skin? All you need is the therapeutic dip into Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort activated charcoal deeply cleanses the body through the skin pores. Technology has proven that activated charcoal fights toxins, poisons and unhealthy chemicals. According to recent studies in dermatology, activated charcoal is an effective fountain of youth as it thoroughly penetrates through the pores and gives vitality and radiance to the skin.  Even damaged hair and scalp is can be rejuvenated through activated charcoal. Hair and scalp is damaged by chemicals found in hair products. You need not worry on dandruff and dry hair anymore because with activated charcoal, your skin, hair, scalp and whole body is well taken care of. Visit and dial 0922-684-9925.