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“I used to have Diabetes but when I use regularly the products of Dok Alternatibo it gradually healed. I am a member of Dok Alternatibo Livelihood Program both Pangmasa and Elite (pioneer). For my body aches I only use and mixed Haplus and Magnesium Concentrate. The Natural Papaya Glutathione Soap and Eye solution those were also the products that I used and even the Body Scrub. Whenever I feel numbness I use Haplus and Magnesium Concentrate it really gives me big relief.”

“I am done with the cleansing program already within the seven days using only Dok Alternatibo Products. After having cleansing my taste buds is now good enough my high blood pressure was gone I feel better that is why I continue having cleansing and other products of Dok Alternatibo.”

“I used to be a good listener over the radio and went here. Now I am very happy because when I became a member of Pangmasa, I am also earning now. Most of our customers were just texting me to buy the products of Dok Alternatibo. The most marketable products for me are the Haplus, Magnesium Concentrate, Eye Solution, Natural Papaya Glutathione Soap and Body Scrub.”

“All I can say for those who did not try yet the products of Dok Alternatibo just visit the clinic that is nearer to your Baranggay. Come here and experience the healing effect of their products.”

“To Dok Alternatibo, your products were really amazing, people should come here and be a member for Pangmasa and Elite to avail promo such as buy 1 take 1.”

“I am Ben Gumiran, 59 years old living in Batangas City.”