Natural Cure for Diabetes

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“I’ve been sick since 1995 and diagnose that I am positive of diabetes. Right away I started to take synthetic medicines during that time. I am a good listener of radio Veritas and I’ve heard about Dok Alternatibo. I have no choice, I preferred to use Dok Alternatibo products because since 1995 I am already taking 1 piece of medicine until it came to the point that I need to take up to 15 pieces of medicine and it cost a lot to me.”

“On the other hand the doctor (DMNH) told me to undergo the cleansing program for 1 week. Then after 1 week of cleansing program I feel better, I feel that I am being cleansed so I continue the said program until 3 weeks and finished it. Then I undergone laboratory test and I feel much better. Since that time and until now I’m not taking any synthetic medicine given by the medical doctor anymore.”

“I advise everyone to try the Dok Alternatibo Herbal products because I am one of the living proofs of their healing medications.”

“I am Jaime Fresnillo, 57 years old presently residing at block 10, lot 15, England Street, Pasitawan, Biñan Laguna.”