“I am jobless because of my sickness. I was an auditor until I felt tingling sensation in my breasts and was diagnosed with breast tumor and lymphoma. When I was diagnosed, I really felt helpless and depressed. I worked in Manila for 4 years and did not bother about my health. The doctor told me that it’s okay to eat anything. So I was confident that my unhealthy diet was fine until after 4 months, I felt the pain. By listening to Dok Alternatibo’s ads, I tried their products and joined the seminar. I was amazed by the testimonies that I heard. My family and friends were very supportive that I must try this Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program. It’s just 4 days but I am perfectly healthy already. When I saw Dok Ed and listened to him, he taught us to become more positive. I never wasted this opportunity to be coached by Dok Ed, all my questions were answered by Dok Ed. It’s all worth it! He really helped me a lot to recover and regain my health and happiness. No more pains, no more depression, no more shyness, just pure joy and wellness.”

-Mary Izrah Aranaydo, 26 years old from Malabang, Lanao del Sur