Dok Ed with the Survivor Group of Dipolog

The 2nd anniversary of Dok Alternatibo Dipolog branch in Bagarinao Complex Lopez Jaena Street Dipolog City, held last 11th day of July 2012.



It was been celebrated with the honorable guest speaker Multi-Awarded Filipino Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM (CEO/President)  with the City Mayor, Hon. Evelyn T. Uy and other representative like Hon. Xyrel Ruiz (City councilor) and Hon. Dante Bagarinao conjoined with some baranggay officials, barangay captain Luzvina Sumiton from barangay Bulawan, Hon. Levy H. Lagutin Councilor from brgy DAO.



Before starting the grand seminar and program of activities of the said event a motorcade was made first all over the city followed by a mass with Msgr.Emigdio Socias who is also a Dok Alternatibo survivor.



It was a very successful event since every member has been given the chance to show their talents in singing, jingle and dancing games. They were also very thankful because it was really an overwhelming experience with the beloved multi inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM who used to be a busy man but gave some of his time and knowledge to celebrate the anniversary of the branch.