Swimming is the best recreation when the sun is extremely out and hot. Not only that it gives fun and excitement to all ages, it’s also beneficial to health. Swimming takes care of your health more than you know. It is the best for heart health, fights depression, and it builds endurance and muscle strength. In Digos City, Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort offers the best swimming and floating experience. Without chlorine and chemicals, the natural water with activated charcoal helps your body relax and enjoy.

The Dead Sea-like pools with 300 minerals keep the body extremely healthy by getting into the pores of the skin. The body muscles get all the pampering it needs and at the same time reduces inflammation and pain from arthritis and bone loss. Dive into the magic of black and claim the pampering you deserve only atDok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort at Digos City.  Call 0922-684-9925 or 0999-850-1547  and visit www.dokedcoaching.com