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“Before I came here I have a lot of terrible feelings within me.  I can’t understand what kind of medicine I should take.  I had been checked by different  doctors , but all the doctors told me that I don’t have any illness that need to be treated .However, I had a lot of dreadful feelings  such as dizziness and  it happened often times even body and  stomach pain. I’m wondering why and asked myself where all these kind of diseases came from and why the Doctors can’t detect it?”

“At times I heard before that there’s a kind of alternative medicine clinic (Dok Alternatibo) that can relieve diseases in which the Doctors could not restore. But, it’s far away from our home because it was in Lucena then. I can’t go there because I’m all alone I do not have any companion. I know how to drive but I’m scared to go to Lucena alone. I was hoping before that someday there will be an alternative medicine clinic here in Batangas too so that it will be closer to my place.”

“For some time I accompanied my sibling and we both went to Lipa. When we took the bus, there’s somebody who keep on talking about the seminar they had attended. I asked them what kind of seminar is that and they answered me it’s “DOK ALTERNATIBO”.  I asked them again if that alternative outlet is also the same one in Lucena, they answered me “yes” but it just started here in Lipa.”

“They did not just attend the seminar but also they went there for some check up. They advised us to listen to the radio so that we will able to know when the seminar will happen again. So I listened to the radio and I found out that there’s already an alternative medicine clinic (Dok Alternatibo) here in Lipa.”

“When we visited here, we had a discussion with Dok Yolly and she advised us to undergo cleansing. It lasted for one (1) week. We followed all the instructions given by her all the right dosage upon taking the alternative medicines. It gave changes already within two to three days only. During the first day, I was burping always. The Doctor told me before that burping always is not good because it tightens the chest and that’s the reason why there are some incidents of a heart attack because your chest seems so tight.”

“I can observe inside me that within only a period of two to three days I rarely burped already, either I am full or hungry. I can feel that my energy level is increasing too. I did not suffer from body pain anymore. It was gone within just one week, after I undergone cleansing.”

“Though I feel lighter during that time I still continue taking herbal medicines, I feel more alive and incessantly I did not felt any tautness in my chest, body and muscle pain until now. All had changed. That’s why when I came back here I still continue to take this kind of herbal medicines.”

“I am so delightful today because usually before almost every year I am admitted to the hospital and still the Doctor could not detect my diseases. I am fed up already visiting the Doctors and taking synthetic medicines. It is good that there’s an alternative medicines like this in Dok Alternatibo and it is very effective to me. I’m so happy; it brought a huge change in my body. If anyone did not followed the right procedures in taking and using the herbal medicines it might not help to relieve their health. But I’ll tell them that it was really effective to me all the products whether it is herbal or cosmetics.”

“This is so good for human body and it helps us to recover from our diseases. I am hoping that Dok Alternatibo will continue and invent many more herbal medicines. Other people might not believe that this will help to relieve their poor health. And if we use this for ourselves our health will truly improve, I hope we will not go back to our earlier period habitual vices that can cause the distraction of our health and the causes of all our diseases.”

“I am Benigna Magnaye, my illnesses had been relieved by using the products of Dok Alternatibo. I am living in San Pascual , Batangas. Now I am 74 years old and here I am very active and lively. Thank you very much.”