An experience of  a lifetime. The best therapy for weary mind and heavy heart. Dive into healing with activated charcoal bath to detoxify and cleanse your body from free radicals. Be relaxed and get pampered with nutritious and healthiest natural food to be freshly served before you. Taste life’s goodness when you sit and relax in our mini pools and sitz bath to ease your heart and body pains such as arthritis, dysmenorrhea, joint pains, migraine, hyperacidity and stress.

Be abundantly blessed by nature through famous Filipino cuisine, natural juices: turmeric, lemongrass, citrus juices loaded with vitamin C. Experience life in the South as we also offer healthy root crops abundant in Southern Philippines: sweet potato, cassava, banana, durian, mango, watermelon, and coconut meat and coconut water.

Through our hydrolysis technology and steam pipes, with fresh water from Mt. Apo’s peak we convert your sadness to extreme fun and excitement. Savour life’s greatest pleasure through music and massage therapy using natural coconut and citronella oils. Walk under the natural and herbal vegetation Jatropa Cursas (tuba-tuba) and ancient, natural stones. Relax your nostrils from pollution as you breathe into the wetness of aromatic therapy such as lemongrass, pandan leaves, lavender, herbal coffee and chocolate aroma. Rub off the noise and listen to healing Cebuano and Filipino Music. You can also sing your heart out as you may also avail our Karaoke singing sessions.

We incorporate technology, health and excitement. under the 3-hectare UV-rays protected area through greenhouse technology. This is your ultimate dream vacation. Dok Alternatibo Hot and Cold Resort is your home away from home.. come home to Filipino hospitability. We are located in heart of the South, Prime Business Complex or book NOW and dial 0917-206-7707/0923-733-3054.