Dok Alternatibo together with the 1-ASAPPP Movement successfully conducted a feeding program to the students of Isaac Abalayan Elementary School, Digos City, Philippines.

For almost eight (8) months Dok Alternatibo and 1-ASAPPP Movement supplied B-Complex and Fulvic Minerals that could sharpen more the memory of a child and make it more healthier and active than ever. B-complex gives complete nutrition from A to Z that is needed for anyone especially for children who is still in the stage of learning process. On the other hand, Fulvic Minerals provides energy to make anyone be more active to participate in class or any kind of activities in school even at home. The program started last August and ended last March 2012, making it an eight-month endeavor.

The Isaac Abalayan Elementary School the institution where the Multi-Awarded Filipino Inventor, Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM finished his elementary days was the chosen first ever school for the “Adopt A School Feeding Program” of Dok Alternatibo and 1-ASAPPP Movement. For the incoming days watch out for more school to be adopted by the said organizations.
For almost 8 months of supplying the said products to the students the effort of the company and the organization were never been wasted since according to the parents and teachers of the students that all of them truly shows a difference with their energy in going to school every day and not only that even their grades increases as well compared to the time when they are not yet taking b-complex and Fulvic minerals. Parents and teachers were truthfully amazed with the wonders of the products since their children do not need to be forced to drink or eat the b-complex and Fulvic minerals because it is already being sweetened with the help of the wild honey mixed with the b-complex powder that is why it is attractive to eat by the children.

Mrs. Josefina Cadungog, principal of Isaac Abalayan Elementary school is very grateful with the generosity of Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo the multi-awarded Filipino Inventor and CEO of Dok Alternatibo as well as to the 1-ASAPPP Movement who is always there to help and serve the Filipino people. Because even the malnourished children also shows a difference with their appetite to eat and the weight that they gained will serve as a proof that now they are much healthier.

It is important that we inspect what are the foods that our child is eating since nurturing is the crucial stage of being a parent. We need to be cautious and extremely careful since whatever they eat could affect the way they think and behave.

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