Last September 5, 2012, Dok Alternatibo, Digos Branch together with the 1-ASAPPP Movement conducted an Outreach Program at Barangay Kabasagan, Matanao, Davao del Sur with more than sixty (60) people who attended to the said activity. Each of the participants have learned about the importance alternative medicines and how to recover all kinds of degenerative diseases by using the Dok “F” Formula, formulated by Dok Alternatibo.

Staff of Digos branch, Sheryl Grace Turtor, NHC; Evelyn Albino, Wellness Incharge; Dok Genevieve Guillen, DMNH Bansalan branch together with the staffs conducted a free-seminar to the participants who attended the said event and educate them on how to become successful in life while having their own business with Dok Alternatibo as their partner. People were entertained with the new knowledge they gained because they’ve realized that we truly need to increase enable to cope up with the new and fast generation that we are living today.


People from Barangay Kabasagan, Matanao, Davao del Sur with their Barangay Officials were very thankful to Dok Alternatibo by sharing the advocacy to everyone especially for those who are already  hopeless with their illnesses and added more knowledge on how to become a successful entrepreneur today. A lot of lessons was learned by the participants and they are looking forward that they could utilize these knowledge in their everyday living.


This another Community Outreach is brought to you by Dok Alternatibo Corporation in partnership with the 1ASAPPP Movement.


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